Mizuno S18 Wedge Review

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The key message from Mizuno on their S18 wedges is 'Loft Specific Design' and what they mean by that is that each wedge has been taylored for it's specific indvidual purpose.Mizuno say that this well deliver the ultimate short game performance for golfers. Each wedge loft has its own unique profile, sole grind and groove depth, engineered to be most effective for its intended use.

For instance the ‘Loft Specific’ groove design on the S18 wedges incorporates narrower and deeper Quad Cut Grooves in the stronger lofts, which are more beneficial on full shots, while wider and shallower grooves are utilised in the higher lofts to maximise performance on partial shots. 

In addition to the differing grooves the S18 wedges feature a ‘Loft Specific’ Centre of Gravity throughout the lofts in which weight is shifted progressively higher up the blade in the more lofted wedges via a visibly thicker beveled topline, to create more consistent spin rates on strikes from high in the clubface that become more common in the highest lofts.

Mizuno S18 Wedge Technical Specifications

The S18 wedges will be available from 46? to 62? in Black IP or Chrome finishes (LH in Chrome only), with the former wearing away gently over time to reveal the durable chrome beneath. Each wedge can also be custom stamped with up to six characters in one of 12 colours for that true tour touch. 

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