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Historic Perth Club is Latest to Adopt Ready Golf

King James VI Golf Club in Perth, which dates back to 1858, is just the latest club to take on the principles of Ready Golf for their new season, as the historic and unique club - which is laid out across an island on the River Tay - looks to encourage faster play among their members and visitors.

Delving into the Slow Play Debate

Slow play has been a much covered topic and divides opinion. Joe Hughes delves into the subject and assesses the reasons behind the issue and the solutions that have been proposed by seveal figures in the game.

Jack Nicklaus Makes Case to Roll Back Golf Ball

Jack Nicklaus has always been the most engaging of talkers, and the 18-time major champion addressed two of the game's biggest topics of discussion - slow play and distance - explaining how the two are linked and why rolling back the golf ball is the solution.

Shot Clock is a Start but Slow Play Has to be Tackled Properly

The European Tour has announced, with much fanfare, the introduction of the 2018 Shot Clock Masters. The tournament has been launched with the specific purpose of speeding up play and is a laudable experiment, but it does pose a question: why?

European Tour to Debut 40 Second Shot Clock in 2018

 Next year's Shot Clock Masters in Austria on the European Tour will be the first official tournament to use a shot clock on every shot as the circuit looks to combat the increasingly lengthy time it is taking for the top professionals to complete 18 holes.

Technology Aiding Pace of Play to Stop Slow Play

Golfshake ambassador Andrew Picken discusses the issues around slow play, ready golf and the Tag Marshal technology helping to address this with software developed to help both golfers and golf clubs with pace of play on the course.

Club Alcanada Speeds Up Play with Revolutionary TagMarshal

Club de Golf Alcanada, which is viewed as being one of Spain's finest golf courses despite its youthful status, has enhanced the experience of playing there further by introducing the innovative TagMarshal, which is set to speed up play.

R&A Speeds Up Play with Ready Golf in Amateur Championship

Slow play is always a huge discussion point within the game at all levels, and the R&A are taking steps to address it by implementing Ready Golf during this year's Amateur Championship at Royal St. George's.

Jason Day Stokes Controversy with Slow Play Comments

Jason Day makes his return to competitive golf this week, but the Australian has caused controversy with comments on his pre-shot routine and approach, rejecting criticism from those who have targeted him as a symbol of a wider slow play problem.

Slow play – What challenges do golfers and golf clubs face?

Slow play is a problem at almost every golf club in the UK and worldwide. In recent years it seems the time it takes to complete 18 holes has increased in both social and competitive golf.  What are the issues that golfers and clubs face and what can be done?

Lichfield Golf Club and Country Club Tackles Slow Play With Ready Golf Initiative

Lichfield Golf and Country Club in Staffordshire has launched a campaign to combat one of the most significant issues facing golf - slow play - by introducing a new scheme that is intended to help golfers get around the course in less time.

Has the European Tour's new monitoring system done enough to combat slow play?

Having recently introduced a 'monitoring penalty', the European Tour have marginally reduced slow play in their tournaments, but is it enough? Sports writer Derek Clements answers that question.

Do We Play Too Much Stableford Golf in the UK?

Stableford golf is an enjoyable alternative to the strain of a medal round. It has its benefits to the higher handicapper and usually speeds up the pace of play but do we play too much stableford golf in the UK?

Please Just Get on With it Guys

I make no apologies for returning to my favourite hobbyhorse, namely the issue of slow play.  Will somebody please explain to me how it is possible for a fourball to take almost SIX HOURS to play the Old Course at St Andrews?

Chipping In - 6hrs for a round of golf....again!!

In this weeks Chipping In, Nick Bonfield discusses the slow play crisis that has once again engulfed the PGA Tour and the injuries suffered by Jason Day, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson ahead of this years Masters.

Top 3 issues facing UK golf clubs today

UK golf clubs are under pressure! Membership numbers continue to fall and as result financial pressures are growing. We take a look at the top 3 issues that need addressing to reverse the trend.

New technology trial at Crown Golf battles slow play

Crown Golf venue, Pine Ridge G.C has announced a trial of innovative software from the Greeni company. The Finnish brand have produced pace of play software which, they hope will revolutionise golf.

GREENi Golf strikes a blow in the slow play battle

GREENi has created a revolutionary App that has been proven to speed up the pace of play while offering golfers a range of great features and tools..?

The Slow Play Issue - Faults and Fixes

Golfshake’s Owen Davies takes a look at some of the issues and encourages everyone to take responsibility, but most of all to remember to enjoy it.....

Golfshake Slow Play Survey: The Findings

Earlier this year we ran a number of features focused around slow play in golf and in particular the effects on the amateur game. Following this we then conducted a survey of Golfshake members including club officials, golf pros plus both club and non-club golfers.

Tips to Stop Slow Play in Golf

We've all heard the saying: 'Keep up with the group in front not in front of the group behind' simply, slow play is caused by a general lack of awareness of what’s happening on the course and ones responsibility to other players. Read our tips to help combat slow play.

Slow Play - Features So Far

It now seems fitting to conduct a quick survey and find out if slow play really is a problem or something that is just overhyped.

Slow Play Technology Feature: GREENi

Over the past month or so, our weekly slow play features have focused upon the human aspect. Suggestions and efforts to speed up pace of play have centred around social and cultural factors. This week, in the first part of a sub sectional mini- series, we investigate the prospective role of new technologies, and investigate whether they can facilitate the desired outcome: quicker play.

Slow Play Weekly Feature: Golfing Legislation

In the fifth part of our weekly slow play feature, I got the chance to speak to Barry Rhodes, an expert on the rules of golf and author of the book ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf.’

Slow Play and the Rules

Barry Rhodes author of the book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ talks us through the rules of golf in relation to slow play.

Slow Play Weekly Feature: Kwik Golf

The vast majority of readers will be totally unaware of the concept that is Kwik Golf. Whilst it was not born directly out of a fundamental desire to improve pace of play, the connotations in that sphere could be huge.? Kwik Golf is yet another example of the recognition of the link between time spent playing golf, and enjoyment.

Slow Play Weekly Feature: Westport Golf Club

Continuing our features focused on 'What is the Most Effective Way to Combat Slow Play in Golf?' Nick catches up with Paul O'Neill a member at Westport Golf Club in Connaught.

What is the Most Effective Way to Combat Slow Play in Golf? - Part 1

Golf may be as exciting as it has been for some time, but there is one issue that requires urgent rectification. On both an amateur and professional level, slow play is plaguing the game.

What is the Most Effective Way to Combat Slow Play in Golf? – Part 2

Amateur golf is also suffering, but obviously requires different solutions. This is part 2 of a feature focused on 'What is the Most Effective Way to Combat Slow Play in Golf?'.

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