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Home page and newsfeed

When you log into Golfshake, the first page you will come to is the home page. There are quick links down the left hand side that enable you to "view my profile", "view my scoretracker" and "see your buddies" - all of these options will be explained later in the tour.


The golf forum is the place where you can talk about everything golf! If you need help or advice you can ask a question, if slow play or poor etiquette on the golf course is getting you down then have a rant, there are different categories for you to post in. Also, if you click on the hot topics link at the top then you will be taken to the latest forum posts to read and leave a comment on.

Finding golfers is a great place to meet fellow golfers and find new players of all abilities to make up four balls with. Firstly make sure you invite all of your friends to join and then once they're on Golfshake you can search for them and add them to your buddy list. You can also search for new buddies, based on where they live, their handicap and their availability. So, whether you play on a Wednesday morning in Berkshire or a Tuesday afternoon in Derby, you can find someone else to play with.


When you register with Golfshake, you get your very own online golf blog. It is a place from where you can keep the community up to date with your golfing exploits. Let everyone know how your getting on, after all, if your going through something in the golf world, the chances are that someone else in the community is as well so you may get some help!