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Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Sun 15th Jan 2012 15:11 | Last Reply

Read Nick's thoughts on why it musn't cross the Atlantic


anyone have any views ?

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 15th Jan 2012 15:23

Not sure that I would wish this to spread to these shores, even though I would be one of the  beneficiaries, far better, in my opinion woud be to design courses that allowed for shots to be run in, like a links, then there would always be an option for the player of of my age.

My modern design course is completely unplayable for someone of my length because of all the bunkers in front of every green. The reason I have now joined another club where hazards are placed to catch wayward shots and not straight ones.

Last edit : Sun 15th Jan 2012 15:24
re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 15th Jan 2012 19:59

I think it's a ridiculous idea and agree with the majority of Nick's blog.  There are already 3 tees at almost every club, with some having 4 (junior tees) and others even 5 (championship).  What will it be next?

  • A 2 lap head start for the F1 cars at the back of the grid
  • A 2 goal head start for lower league teams drawing a Premiership team in the FA Cup
  • A 200 run head start for Austrailia in the Ashes

If a group of mixed handicappers want to level the field they can use different existing tees or use the existing system - handicaps.  We have handicaps to level the playing field (in theory).  I agree with John P; courses should be designed to punish wayward shots, not those that failed to have the correct height/shape but are going where they should be. 

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 15th Jan 2012 21:54

What a stupid idea. Surely ones handicap is partially based on your driving abillity anyway. Who would police how far your average drive was for the average golfer? If you are not the best putter in the world would you get your 1st putt for free?

Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 15th Jan 2012 22:41

So the idea is to make the game easier to bring in more people... What happens when there's been loads of people attracted into golf that don't want to play 'proper' golf? Do we end up with golf being managed by people who want the 'fast food' variety? Does it become like 20/20 in cricket, where the traditional game becomes the rarity?

Idiots that want to bring in the 'fast food' variety should stick to crazy golf on the sea front at Skeggy.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Mon 16th Jan 2012 22:27

Americans are all about hitting bombs off the tee and not much else. After mickelson, which other yanks can you really say has a great short game? Next on the list will be hazard removal and bucket sized cups. The beauty of the game is that we all play it differently. Driver, wedge, could have the same result as someone hitting driver, 8iron. Honestly can't see this coming in over here.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Wed 18th Jan 2012 13:42
re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Thu 19th Jan 2012 20:50

I see the point of it to help the shorter hitters,  but then why have an handicap system aswell.

You cant have both or it makes a mockery of the handicap system which is always being questioned as it is.

Leave things alone you medling yanks, lol.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Thu 19th Jan 2012 22:43

The handicap system is already a mockery, David. Wednesdays midweek stableford was won with 47 points off a 19 handicap. Last place man had 21 points. CSS reduced to 71 on a par 73 course.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Thu 19th Jan 2012 23:02

Whats the answer john? I would suggest that for handicap purposes only instead of a blob being a net double bogie it is calculated as a net bogie but no points scored. Also max 4 points can be scored on a hole. 19 handicappers getting birdies on the hardest hole 5 points.

Any ideas anyone.?

Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Fri 20th Jan 2012 23:33

DH, interesting questions. I have no idea what this players record is but a 19 handicapper playing to 8 tells me that he made a lot of pars.

The course was in nice condition, not wet, but then it is a heathland course. Preferred lies on faiways which hn actual fact do not help because the fairways are excellent and only would be moved if in a divot..

No temporary greens and. yes we do play all winter comps off the yellow tees, but I would mention that the course length off the yellow tees is 6650 yards, so still not a short course.

My own views on handicaps is that no score over a bogey should be counted as everyone, yes, even me can make a bogey at every hole.

If you shoot six pars in a round then your handicap should be 12. A nice simple method which would cater for all and encourage those who think that at 28 they are golfers, to make improvements to their game.

Last edit : Fri 20th Jan 2012 23:34
re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 10:34

i agree, i wont play with a bandit once bitten, i would much ratrther be respected for my abilty than be known as a bandit 

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 16:52

DH,I would say that playing to 8 off a 19 handicap is more than rapid improvement as you suggest.

Perhaps you would like to fill in your profile so that we all can see whether or not your comnments  can be taken seriously.

Why should the CSS have even been invented, it does nothingfor  the amateur game and the professionals most certainly do not have to play to the antiquated system currrently in use for us amateurs.

6650 yards in the winter against a par of 73 does n ot deserve to be reduced by that margin. Your point about it making it easier for the lower handicaps I will now shoot down in flames by posting the results of this competition in full.

1st Scott Iremonger(19) 47   2nd John Purnell(13) 42   3rd John Pettitt(19) 38   4th Simon Clark(12) 38   5th Jeff Drake(16) 37   6th Anthony George(14) 37   7th Barry Reynolds(20) 37   8th Darren Bonney(5) 37   9th John Stokes(23) 37   10th Colin Parkes(18) 36   11th Bill Swan(11) 36   12th John North(22) 36   13th Jim Willison(23) 36   14th Curt Van Eyck(6) 36   15th Ralph Lambert(23) 36   16th Tony Gonzalez(12) 35   17th John Sandall(17) 35   18th Daniel Dover(18) 35   19th David Wise(8) 35   20th Ronald McKendrick(5) 34   21st Roland Stevens(20) 34   22nd Larry Dize(25) 33   23rd David Waite(28) 33   24th David Little(14) 33   25th Tony Cole(27) 32   26th Stephen Gelsthorpe(17) 32   27th Kjersti Cannon(25) 32   28th Stuart Errington(19) 31   29th Trevor Houghton(25) 31   30th Margaret Cutts(30) 30   31st Michael Lovegrove(23) 30   32nd Vic Allen(25) 28   33rd Roger Landon(10) 28   34th Colin Goodenough(28) 28   35th Kathy North(26) 26   36th Mike Day(16) 26   37th Jose Fernandez Moure(12) 25   38th Michael Biles(20) 25   39th Brian Cutts(27) 21   40th Peter Butler(23) DQ Card not in box 41st Stuart Bundy(23) WD  


re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Mon 23rd Jan 2012 20:59

DH, I am one of those people who do trust what one says on  the forums, until of course it is found to be otherwise, so if yolu say it is so then I believe it to be so./

CONGU does not work in my humble opinion.

re: Anyone seen the Tee It Forward initiative ?
Reply : Mon 23rd Jan 2012 22:10

I doubt it DH, you have your own agenda which just does not coincide with my thinking.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics, I assumed you knew that.

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