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Awards, Goals, Challenges

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Sun 20th Nov 2011 16:57 | Last Reply

Some nice feedback from Richard Hawkes recently which got me thinking and extended the question to everyone.

Hopefully the awards are useful to some but what additional ones would you like to see or be able to challenge yourself to obtain ?

So far:

  • Chip In, detected by 0 putts on the advanced stats? ... and if you have 10 or more, you could get the Chipper award. Or something like that.

    this is what you have left to earn


    plus this is the full list

    Golfshake Awards

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    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    user33026 [FORUM MODERATOR]
    Reply : Sun 20th Nov 2011 17:07

    Broken link Darren

    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    Reply : Sun 20th Nov 2011 18:00


    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    Reply : Sun 20th Nov 2011 18:22

    I'm not sure you'd want to get into negative awards, doubtless with a black-edged icon winkhttp://www.golfshake.com/scripts/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/wink_smile.gif" title="wink" /> ... but Chris P's post on the original Chip In thread has got me thinking:

     * "Bucket and Spade" award, for 5 or more bunkers in a round;

     * Bad with Penalties? For 5 or more Penalty shots in a round: the "Gareth Southgate" award;

    To balance them up on the positive side, how about:

     * as a variation on the existing Golfer and Fanatic awards, maybe a longer term award too: playing 50 times or more in a calendar year to get the Obsessive/Tenacious (?) Award.

     * "Lawrence of Arabia" award for a chip in from a bunker: 0 putts and bunker flag set.

    And on the social side:

     * "Sociable" - member of a public group and/or "Groupie" (!?) for membership of a restricted group.

     * "Cataloger" (?) - for recording the "In My Bag" details;

     * "Avatar" - for uploading a profile image.


    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    Reply : Sun 20th Nov 2011 19:56

    A few more you could add are par 4 green reached in 1 & par 5 reached in 2.

    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    Reply : Sun 20th Nov 2011 21:38

    I'd like to see the 'night and day' award for the biggest discrepancy between the front and back nines - at least 50% as I've personally managed 7 points on the front and 21 on the back.  Have also done an 18 front and 7 back....

    re: Awards, Goals, Challenges
    Reply : Mon 21st Nov 2011 00:33

    I think you missed out the albatross award! I like the bucket and spade award and also the Gareth Southgate.


    How about the reverse of the above, with penalty free and bunker free rounds? (though you may need to note some courses like Berkhamstead doesn't have any bunkers.....)


    I think that you'd have to be a pro te get either the every GIR or FIR, how about a staged approach to achieving it? either 50/ 75 % of GIR/FIR.



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