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Golfshake Stats & Handicap Benchmarks

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Fri 30th Sep 2011 17:14 | Last Reply

Just some feedback after a few questions relating to the new game improvement functionality

The stats benchmarks were analysed from data on over 600,000 golfers taking each handicap level and then taking the data for the perfect round in which the handicap did not move.  Interestingly as I changed the handicap the score average adjusted accordingly, which identified the process was correct, ie Handicap 1 the average score was 72, handicap 2 was 73 etc etc

I'm currently reviewing the data because in hindsight as the averages are from the perfect rounds it is unlikely that the average handicap golfer will play to these levels.  Thus I believe the stats are slightly skewed and the data/stats for say a 14 handicap golfer is in reality more closer to that of the average score for a 9/10 handicap golfer.

Remember though that you can change your own targets from the tools section

Play well!



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