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Difference between regular and stiff

Posted by: user350435 | Wed 21st Sep 2011 08:40 | Last Reply

I have recently acquired an R7 TP 3 wood with a stiff shaft.  I was under the impression stiff shafts were mainly for pro's but I am hitting it really well and it feels so much better than a 3 wood with a regular shaft.

Also, what does TP (Tour Preferred) mean?


re: Difference between regular and stiff
Reply : Wed 21st Sep 2011 20:32


I think Matt may benefit from you giving him a much more basic and simplified description.  Like a regular shaft bends more than a stiff shaft and is better suited to a swing speed between 85mph and 100mph while a stiff shaft is better suited to a swing speed between 95mph and 110mph.  No doubt you will correct the speeds but you get what I mean

Tour Preferred are slightly smaller heads that are mpre workable but less forgiving.  You'll probably find you get more shape with these but your 'bad' shots are worse

re: Difference between regular and stiff
Reply : Thu 22nd Sep 2011 20:26

Thanks Sanders, another informative post and makes my shift selection feel correct.

I have a swing speed that is within the 'suggested' range for a stiff shift, but I know I lack that 'smash factor' you speak of and as a result, I'm far far from being a long hitter, so chose a regular against pro advise simply due to feel and accuracy that I was gaining with the regular.  

From someone with considerably less knowledge than Sander, what I'd say with any equipment is try & compare before you buy.

re: Difference between regular and stiff
Reply : Fri 23rd Sep 2011 00:34

Could I just point out, just in the interests of pure pedantry (and to put something Ivan states in less vague terms), that swing speed is not the same thing as club head speed.  Someone with a very high rotational swing speed and a very flexible shaft may very well have a very low club head speed.

Just saying..

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