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Twitter Arguements - McIlroy v Townsend

Posted by: user264761 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Thu 28th Jul 2011 13:45 | Last Reply

Whether you love it or hate it, this is why Twitter is great. If you saw his last hole this morning in the Irish Open some of you would agree with US Commentator Jay Townsend that Rory McIlroy's course management was 'shocking'. It started somewhat of a war of words between the two.

See their feeds:

Jay Townsend

Rory McIlroy

re: Twitter Arguements - McIlroy v Townsend
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Thu 28th Jul 2011 18:27

Seen this many times. A Club Golfer takes the bag of his Pro and becomes an expert overnight.

Jay Townsend can be of the opinion that Rory made a mistake, end of story. Rory has reached the level where WIN is everything, try to make Eagles & Birdies and it doesn't matter if Bogies are the result "there is always next time".


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