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No Shorts!

Posted by: user20126 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Thu 14th Jul 2011 23:52 | Last Reply

Sat here watching the US PGA tournament on Sky TV.

The commentator mentioned that Joe Ogilvie had caused quite a stir with his twitter post about the tour players wearing shorts.

It has been 100 degrees F and very humid.

He said he could not understand why the players were not allowed to wear shorts in these extreme temperatures.

Both commentators said "It would never happen".

I played in an Essex Golf Union competition (Norman Plum Trophy) and we had to wear trousers!

In my opinion, I've got no problem with tour players wearing shorts.  As Tony Johnstone said in the studio, make it optional, if you don't want to wear shorts you don't have too.

The caddies are walking around in shorts at some of the tournaments I've seen so why not the players.

What do you think?

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Fri 15th Jul 2011 08:23

Interesting comment, Russ. I was watching the Open yesterday and made a comment to my wife saying that a lot of the players look really scruffy and she said that it does seem a shame that the players look more like adverstising boards these days and it has spread to all sports. No wonder the players one sees on golf clubs these days are shoddily dressed.

Last edit : Fri 15th Jul 2011 08:24
re: No Shorts!
Reply : Fri 15th Jul 2011 22:41

I have to agree that some of the players do not look at their best in the clothing department.

The advertising on each players attire is getting to the silly stage, there is an advert on the collar, on the sleeves, the front and the back, much like a formula one car.

I'm very surprised that the R&A don't have overalls for the caddies like they do at the Masters.


re: No Shorts!
Reply : Sun 17th Jul 2011 11:17

i totaly agree trousers all the way ,,,, should b a rule no trousers no GOLF ,ON ALL GOLF COURSES ,, i personally wont play with any 1 not wearing correct attire   ,, even said same to my boy , dont go to my local and embarrass me with jeans and teeshirts 

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Sun 17th Jul 2011 23:21

Whats the problem?? I go on hols to Florida and i cant imagine how uncomfortable it can get for the pros having to wear trousers in such high temps....

Is it just the traditionalists not wanting to make any changes??

If it was 100 degrees and we were all playing golf, would you want to wear trousers??

The ladies can wear shorts/skorts etc, why should the men not be allowed to do the same?? (maybe not skorts tho..... ;-p)

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Sun 17th Jul 2011 23:51

I've no problem with the pros wearing shorts if they want too, even in cold weather, and even if they haven't got a decent set of pins!

I wear shorts when it's warm, despite what people say about my legs.  I just hope it puts them off enough for me to take advantage.

Reminds me of a couple of years ago.

I was playing for my golf club in the Norman Plum Trophy (Essex Golf Union Comp).  Turned up on a really hot day in a pair of shorts.

We were short of a player so my mate had been roped into play for us.  He too was wearing shorts.

Standing at the first tee before the game their captain came upto us and said that we couldn't play in shorts. It's a rule of the Essex Golf Union that you cannot wear shorts!

Both my partner and I had to play eighteen holes of golf in red hot weather wearing our waterproof trousers, stupid!


re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 09:55

Whats the problem?? I go on hols to Florida and i cant imagine how uncomfortable it can get for the pros having to wear trousers in such high temps....

It is not the heat in Florida that causes the problems, it is the humidity.

Is it just the traditionalists not wanting to make any changes??

I am sure it is, but why would you want to change the traditions of this fine game and drag it down to the standards of the others.

If it was 100 degrees and we were all playing golf, would you want to wear trousers??

Not many lunatics play golf when the temperature is 100 deg, but I have always found that trousers keep me relatively cool

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 10:08

 I do not have a problem with anybody wearing shorts on the course its just that I have never worn a pair myself.

No matter how well cut or taylored they may be, no pair of shorts is smarter than a pair of trousers.

The problem is that scruffy players will be scruffy whether they wear shorts or trousers. However those that are lazy with their attire will be the ones most likely to wear shorts, hence look even more scruffy than usual (if thats possible)

As for temperature in this country, i can count the number of times on 1 hand last year where it began to even have a bearing on my performance !!!!

I am a firm believer in an organised and tidy outfit promoting an organised and tidy game.

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 17:59

I have no problems with shorts, and in fact wear shorts myself when it is hot or humid.  

I remember Poults not so long ago on Twitter saying he thought it was silly that pros weren't allowed to wear shorts when it is unbearable in trousers.  The rule will never change though!

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 19:01

I fail to see how it is unbearable in trousers, after all my legs never sweat. I can understand ones body getting a bit warm. Perhaps you all need some training in full combat gear in the Iraqi desert.

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 21:00

I think playing in some of the conditions that they do, especially on the PGA Tour, can be fairly unbearable. High humidity and 30+ degrees cant be too nice, and legs will sweat.  I merely have to think about heat and I start sweating, so am glad to play in shorts some days!

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Mon 18th Jul 2011 22:49

Interesting topic which reflects the "stuffy old boy class orientated" attitudes that golf hasn't got totally rid yet!

Another hot potato that also deserves some discussion is the R & A decision to reward RSG, Sandwich with yet another Open. This being one of the few remaining bastions of male chauvinism that still, in this more enlightened era, won't allow female members.

What sort of message does this send out? Surely they should have said to Sandwich - you will never get another open unless you reform you sexist criteria, there would have no doubt been plenty of other courses willing to take their place afterall!

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Tue 19th Jul 2011 09:21

Removed by Moderator


Please refrain from personal insults. 

Last edit : Tue 19th Jul 2011 23:18
re: No Shorts!
Reply : Tue 19th Jul 2011 09:27

I find it amazing that one thinks that by uncovering 1'6"  of lower leg prevents the unbearable sweating of the leg.

I wonder why all the arabs in the hotter countries of the Middle East, cover themselves completely to remain cool.

All I am hearing is hogwash to justify the wearing of shorts to play golf, never heard of anything so ridiculous.

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Tue 19th Jul 2011 22:58

D.H. perhaps you would be kind enough to post a profile to enable us to decide whether or not to take your posts seriously, after all you could just be a stirrer.

re: No Shorts!
Reply : Tue 19th Jul 2011 23:30

I dress in line with the rules of the club I play at in the way most comfortable to me at the time.  In hot weather, I feel much cooler and more comfortable in shorts so I wear them if allowed within the club's dress code to do so.  I always wear tailored shorts that would be acceptable at any club that allows shorts. 

My home club was founded in 1889 and in some respects is still quite old fashioned with regards to dress code (in the clubhouse there are no jeans or trainers allowed and shirts must have a collar at all times, for example).  They do allow men to wear shorts on the course though but they must be tailored and socks must be worn and be visible above the shoes.  Not too big an ask and the pro-shop do enforce it. 

I don't see what the problem is with the pros being allowed to dress in shorts as long as they are smart with it

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