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Alien sand wedge

Posted by: user94811 | Tue 22nd Mar 2011 19:30 | Last Reply

I am really struggling in bunkers right now and i remember reading years ago that this wedge would get you out of a bunker first time---guaranteed.

Does anybody have one they are willing to sell?


re: Alien sand wedge
Reply : Tue 22nd Mar 2011 19:46

You need JPs quick tip

re: Alien sand wedge
Reply : Tue 22nd Mar 2011 23:40

If you fail to find the Allen you are looking for, go down to B&Q and adjust our chosen spade to your required loft with a suitable mallet.

The 'out in one' guarantee must surely because you displace all the sand in the bunker?  You may find that the ball remains in the 'ditch' but the sand is now spread all over the green....

*edit, beaten to it by *sanderslongdrive*

re: Alien sand wedge
Reply : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 14:22

I know it is hard to believe but I saw the advert guaranteeig to get you out first time or they would refund your money.

i realise tt i need to practice more but I am looking for any help I can get

re: Alien sand wedge
Reply : Thu 24th Mar 2011 10:24

Have you been to see a pro about it?  There are a few ranges around here that have short game practice and bunker practice to the side, I know where I am having lessons at the moment you could go and request a 'bunker' lesson.

Just a thought.  Unless you are going to play with these wedges forever, the problem will probably pop up again when you decide to buy a vokey, cg10 whatever..
Invest less than you would in a new wedge on a lesson or two.

re: Alien sand wedge
user199058 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Wed 18th May 2011 12:02

re: Alien sand wedge
Reply : Wed 18th May 2011 15:37

i have one and it is such a shame that i have lost the guarantee. to be fair it does pop you out of the bunkers bit is not much good at trying to hit in to the green from 50 yards.

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