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One step to far to beat the down turn ?

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Fri 17th Dec 2010 14:37 | Last Reply

The course shall remain nameless but one course in the UK's voted in at the AGM a ruling to allow people to play in jeans, thinking it will mean more paying visitors !

There was a view that some jeans cost more than trousers to buy!!



re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Fri 17th Dec 2010 17:11

Some jeans do cost more than a normal pair of trousers.

I'd be uncomfortable playing in jeans, too tight and the material is too heavy.

What next jogging bottoms?


re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Fri 17th Dec 2010 19:36

Hope not! 

Ignoring the tights and snoods you don't see footballers playing in PJs

re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Sun 19th Dec 2010 13:18


That's interesting. Was it "smart casual dress to include Jeans"? Still don't think the jeans that are slit should be included.


re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Sun 19th Dec 2010 15:00

Personally, having never worn jeans at all during my life, I certainly do not agree with them being worn on a course, yet I was surprised to learn that my club allows jeans to be worn in the clubhouse ,and yes, even in the restaurant. even though I have never seen any members wearing them. So how did I find out.

Well, my youngest son is over from Canada as his mum is rather unwell, so I suggested sunday lunch at my golf club. I asked my son whether he had any trousers, as he always sems to be wearing jeans and he replied that he did not have any with him. I then rang the club to cancel sunday lunch for the three of us and when asked the reason, I had to explain that my son did not possess any trousers other than jeans and the unexpected response that they would be no problem, solved the problem.

re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Sun 19th Dec 2010 17:13

Was it more a case of not losing your business?

Most clubs don't allow jeans at all so it does appear that they are creeping into the bar area.


re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Sun 19th Dec 2010 18:40

Who knows, Russ.

This new club of mine is rather unique in that it was laid down by the Mapledurham 1997 Trust which owns acres and acres of real estate in one very large lump. It has its own famous House and Water wheel which during the summer months holds many fine attractions and craft fairs, which can all be reached from Caversham by river steamer.

I have noticed that it is an inclusive club in that it welcomes non members to all its functions with freedom to enjoy the fine food that is on offer. Many pensioners seem to pop in for lunch.

The cherry though is the course, although very long, it is laid out in more than ample proportions and one never feels as though one is being pressured. It is a heathland course, so dry in winter but has an abundance of the dreaded gorse on most holes, which usually mean a lost ball. Water is not that prevalant but on about three holes really makes a difference as to how to play them, as a slight misjudgement means a watery grave. All comps, yes, even for seniors are always played off the whites at 6800 plus, so length is certainly required if one is to score well. I have not yet mastered it, but I can only live in hope.

re: One step to far to beat the down turn ?
Reply : Sun 19th Dec 2010 21:33

The first time I played a full 18 was about 15 years ago. i was invited by the club captain at Gatton manor, at the time as he was a works colleague. I turned up in jeans ( i didnt know! ). He made me put my waterproofs over the top of my jeans. So never again will I turn up in jeans. Not loose enough.

Think I scored about 120.

Dave CAC handed Geordie. 

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