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iphone apps

Posted by: user78137 | Mon 10th May 2010 17:22 | Last Reply

Hi all Golfshakers, could anyone tell me which is the best App to get for the iPhone, I would like to try a gps system , but also want a scorecard system, so i can add my stats & scores whilst on course, preferably also email scores out afterwards?

I appreciate your input.


Dave Preston

re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 10th May 2010 18:16

Is this free, or do you have to pay for this app?


re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 10th May 2010 18:21

How can I be a tight wad, I haven't even got an iphone!!!


re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 10th May 2010 18:41

freecaddie pro


scores can be inputted

stats - unsure

email - well thats just a standard e-mail isnt it?

re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 10th May 2010 19:49

I used to use my iphone but I took the plunge yesterday and bought a Sky caddie and holder, to go with my new Freeway II, irons, putter, wedges!  LOL!!  I would recommend getting a dedicated bit of kit it works great and is simple to use.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 11th May 2010 10:16

Wayne, yes I'm a Yorkshireman and I've started saving the penny!

That's right I've got the one penny safely put away until I find another one on my travels....      


re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 11th May 2010 10:57

If you find them like balls Russ it wont take you long

Gps ,rangefinders are over rated the problem is you don't realise until you stop using them I am so glad I found this out,(and I'm not alone) don't believe me try playing a couple of rounds without using one I guarentee you will suprise yourself.

It may just be me regressing I'm looking at a hickory shafted putter on the bay!

re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 11th May 2010 14:25

@ Dave

I used to use my iphone but I took the plunge yesterday and bought a Sky caddie and holder, to go with my new Freeway II, irons, putter, wedges!  LOL!!  I would recommend getting a dedicated bit of kit it works great and is simple to use.

I'll have to walk the opposite side of the fairway now (no jokes please!) as I'll look like the poor relation

re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 11th May 2010 15:45

Chris next time you play have a think what the yardage is before checking your gps I bet you wont be far wrong if at all, It's just you would never trust your judgement before.

I play with alot of low and + golfers who are now over shooting or coming up short on a regular basis something I never use to witness when they just looked and fired at the target. I also play with an x and trying to get back on the european tour player  he is the only person that I have witnessed banging out flags for kicks, The reason he does this is because he knows his exact yardages of  all his wedges from 120 in at every given position, how good he is  is obviously because he's very talented and he as all day every day to perfect this. So where does that leave the rest of us munters ??  still guessing even when we now the yardage.

I have used one fo 1 1/2 seasons and my hcp has gone up I would take a wager my hcp will be lower by the end of the season without it.

Don't get me wrong if you are happy using one I really don't have a problem, what I do object to is the claims that it will improve your golf and have yet to witness this with the majority of users.Another cynical ploy to empty your pockets of cash please don't listen to the hype that you can't live without one! I  bought into that crap myself. If it's a free app nothing to lose I suppose.

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re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 11th May 2010 20:55

As an avid user of the iPhone (and having developed a couple of iPhone golf apps myself), I'd get Golfshot GPS (£18)...and it is not one I developed (unfortunately!!). 

I also have Golf Card (£5), Golf Logix (free) and Golf GPS (free). Golfshot is consistently in the top 25 sport apps and the top golf app for a reason, and despite the high price (for an iPhone app). 

There are two main problems with allot of the other apps, having top map courses yourself, and the main on I found was the time it took to enter the stats.  This is the main problem and the reason I stopped using the others after a was just easier to use a pencil for the stats and a rangefinder for distances. Golfshot is different though, it is quick to enter scores and stats, most courses are mapped and if they are not they do it for you very quickly. 

It also links to Golfplan (another app for about £5) which analyses your stats and tells you what o work on, with video tips and drills (by Paul Azinger)....although after speaking with my pro today, take the pitching technique with a grain of salt!! 


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re: iphone apps
Reply : Sat 19th Jun 2010 19:33

just downloaded golfshot which looks awesome. Only have an iTouch but it is compatible. Had a quick flick through and it appears to have everything you would want from a scorecard/stats point of view. If you have an iPhone you can upgrade to the GPS version also. 

re: iphone apps
Reply : Wed 14th Jul 2010 09:32

I think your right Darren,

even if your not using the other apps on the phone doesn't matter as it has the 'ability'. So all phones that have the capability of letting you know the temperature or wind speed or anything else (club selection etc) aren't allowed unless I've read it wrong?

re: iphone apps
Reply : Wed 14th Jul 2010 15:55

This is like saying that professional golfers or amatuers for that matter cannot use caddies?  try telling that to Tiger, phil & the boys.

Understandably maybe if they give wind speed etc.

Weather well lets look is it raining ? is it hot or is it windy?

Iphone apps, gps devices are only a guideline to yardages they can give you an estimated club for distance but so can a caddy!

No need to ban them they just help a little, just like a human caddie!

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 15th Jul 2010 14:31


I think it's about trying to limit it so no-one has an unfair advantage over anyone else.

I think Pro's are allowed to use GPs in practice rounds but not in live rounds.

I don't think it makes much difference to the average club player but amatuer level can go all the way from a 28 handicapper to +6.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 15th Jul 2010 15:01

I've also read something and will see if I can dig out the info. 

Basically modern day mobile phones can provide functionality and software which will:

 - tell you wind speed, conditions etc

 - provide internet access to any info

 - use sensors to assist with telling gradients of greens etc

Thus are mini computers and not just GPS devices. Because it's almost impossible to tell if someone turns off all these features they are therefore technically disallowed in competitions

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 15th Jul 2010 15:34

I was at Grassmoor the other day and there was a notice in the changing rooms about this.  Basically it stated that in competitions only dedicated distance measuring devices can be used and, if such equipment is capable of measuring any other parameter, elevation temperature etc: then it's use was illegal - even if that functionality is disabled.  Add to that the general rule about mobile phones being switched off on the course then I reckon anything other than a GPS only device or a laser range finder is illegal.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 15th Jul 2010 20:40

Does the Welsh Golf Union allow them now Wayne?  Laughed like a drain when those guys turned up at Conwy and had to buy course planners as all range finding devices were outlawed.... 

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 15th Jul 2010 22:22

I help to run a local golf society.  We play all around the midlands throughout the season.

Last seasn on many occasions the courses we played had no course planner, no map of course on the back of the card.

  Guys were hitting drivers, then found it was 150 down 150 across.  There was shall we say quite alot of moaning around.

Three out of eight courses had absolutley nothing to help you, some not even 150yard markers.

I love the game, but playing blind makes you realise these apps or rangefinders can at least give you half a chance, even if like my off of 18 I'm not a good golfer.

I bought golfshot about 2 months ago roughly.  I have used it on a few courses, to be fair it isn't always spot on.  But on the other hand it does give you an idea.  Golfshot even gives yardages to hazards etc.

I have read all the posts & it seems a very good subject.  I believe if there is something that helps, especially if the course in mind doesn't then why not!

My handicap has stayed the same, yes my natural estimation is reasonable, most of the time. Again with this little help I first assess from view, then a quick look at gps, Normally close between the two.

Golf is a mind game as much as a physical/ technical sport. Although I run my own succesful business I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the bag!

This ingenious little bit of kit gives me a little more confidence & belief in my own abilty & hopefully help my course management, eventually the confidence gained will help bring my handicap down.

   Confidence is everything at my level of golf!!


re: iphone apps
Reply : Sun 25th Jul 2010 21:11

i use my caddie pro, free app and does all the advanced scoring bits (putts, gir, fir, sand saves etc) not sure about the email bit though

Last edit : Sun 25th Jul 2010 21:14
re: iphone apps
Reply : Sun 1st Aug 2010 20:54

would have to agree with andrew gorton, ive been using golf shot on the iphone since march, and although at first i found myself over complicating things and trying to get to cute, ive now started taking the hazrads, front and back of green and thats it!! which was all i used the course planners for anyway!

re: iphone apps
Reply : Sun 29th Dec 2013 00:01

Guys nothing compares to swing by swing. By far the best thing in my golf bag. 100%. Best £6 ever xx

re: iphone apps
Reply : Sun 29th Dec 2013 18:02

Some tablet/smartphone friendly updates went live last week on Golfshake related to score entry on the site.

We also have plans in place for a Golfshake app but obviously very mindful of the competition issues. In regards to our own app any feedback would be appreciated via this survey:

Regards, Darren.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 2nd Jan 2014 22:32

try "fungolf lite" its amazing, scores, fairways hit, gir eagles bogies etc, bar charts of your averages, sand saves, scrambles etc, all logged onto their website for safe keeping, try it, its well worth it.. oh it also has a 3d course or 2d depending on what you want, you can select driver,tee off and walk to ball the save, it tells you exact distance drove and exact distance to pi with next shot, amazing

re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 2nd Jan 2014 22:33

pi was meant to spell pin

re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 6th Jan 2014 11:26

Try MyGolfStats from App Store. t helps you keep easy track of driving, GIR, scramble, sand saves, putts, score, handicap.Also, its now got updated with GPS & Handicap Card Screen makes this the best app in its class. All your shots are recorded after each hole and displayed on a variety of screens, like the Scorecard, Round Summary, Money Shots. Keep score for the entire foursome as well. Your final game stats are recorded and stored for reference. Your handicap is calculated, or you can get an official USGA Handicap. It really a worth trying golf app.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Tue 7th Jan 2014 18:09

I would imagine that the official USGA handicap would only be applicable for rounds played in the USA.

re: iphone apps
Reply : Mon 20th Jan 2014 08:08

Hi Friends,

I am happy to share that the Handicap Card in the myGolfstats + GPS app has got updated and the bugs were fixed.


re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 14:51

So did anything come of a golf shake scoring app at least? One that allows you to keep score and upload personal scores and buddies scores?

The gps functionality would be a bonus but not essential.

Last edit : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 14:51
re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 15:16

It's currently going through active testing. 100% will be ready for the main golf course season, ETA will depend on current testing cycle and app store process.

The initial focus will be for iPhone followed by Android.

Last edit : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 15:16
re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 16:40

Excellent news. Any news on likely cost (upfront and ongoing subscription)?

Will it have GPS functionality?

Last edit : Thu 22nd Jan 2015 16:40
re: iphone apps
Reply : Fri 3rd Apr 2015 20:47

Any news on when this will be available

Last edit : Fri 3rd Apr 2015 20:47
re: iphone apps
Reply : Thu 8th Oct 2015 10:54

Hi all, just to confirm that the Golfshake app as finally arrived in the UK Apple app store.

To download access the Apple store and search for 'golf handicap' or 'golfshake' or follow this link

The initial phase is focused on the core Golfshake functionality; tracking scores and stats, access to handicap data and basic round information as well as providing the ability to also read course reviews and track scores for additional players.

Now we are live we are just finishing off the Android development and will then be looking at phase 2 which will focus on improved stats & analysis within the app plus additional functionality as per the feedback of the survey we did.

Last edit : Thu 8th Oct 2015 10:54

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