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Cack handed golfer

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Wed 18th Nov 2009 10:39 | Last Reply

Did someone recently ask about this ?  check out this Pro from homeofgolftv


re: Cack handed golfer
Reply : Wed 18th Nov 2009 20:22

He swings the club very orthodox. This kind of grip is not new to me as I knew a few cack handers one of which played to scratch.

re: Cack handed golfer
Reply : Wed 18th Nov 2009 21:05

There's a surgical procedure for this problem, they cut off both your arms and swap them around!!

re: Cack handed golfer
Reply : Thu 19th Nov 2009 11:16

 As I 've mentioned in previous post I started playing with a grip like that and made good progress but bowed to pressure from the members around me as they said I wouldn't get any better and got the piss ripped out of me. I've always wondered what would have happened if I'd stated with it?

re: Cack handed golfer
Reply : Tue 23rd Sep 2014 11:39

Could anyone please help me out here I am a cack hander left below right my driver off the tee is awsone I can hit it 280 striaght and my hybrids are good my very shirt chipping is good too it's just when I play shots at about 50 to 80 yards using a half or 3 quater swing I shank the ball of I take a full swing I'm fine I just shank it all the Time when I'm trying to pitch also I go through stages iv been playing very well lately shooting 80 to 86 but then I started shanking and the led to me then hitting my 5,6,7 irons hooking left so it seems the shanks had really affected my swing maybe it out my full swing out cos I was trying to cure the shank any body changed from the crack handed swing to the normal I don't know what to do cos when u hold the normal way it just doesn't feel right at a all ?? Help please

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re: Cack handed golfer
Reply : Tue 23rd Sep 2014 22:42

Try overlapping two fingers on short shots to free up the wrists a little. It should help you to square the club quicker. Its worth a try, what have you got to lose?

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