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Returning to form

Posted by: user108923 | Wed 12th Aug 2009 10:32 | Last Reply

Hi there my name is Richard and I am returning to the game after 3 heart operations during Jan-Feb 2008.  I have been a free memeber of this site for a while and now got enough guts to post something here, I have now and hears my story. 

Golf has its health side to, as my specialist told me to play, he said it would approve movement and heart strength etc after surgery, now thats good when you can tell your wife  "I GOT TO PLAY GOLF AGAIN, THE DOC SAYS SO" hehe

I had to redefine my swing and shoulder movement completely after surgery to protect myself from damaging muscles around the left shoulder, but it finally looks like it is working, I am now playing of around 16-17on a good day, but not telling for the bad one hehe

It shows that a game such as golf, at most times gives us all moments of why did it go that way, or why did it do that, or the classic, who put that tree in the flight of my ball, this game gave me a focus point, something to look forward to and strive for while recovering from surgery, the best feeling was in March of this year 2009, when I finally walked round my local course.

Sorry if I have borded you, but thought I would share a little of my story with you.

Happy Golffing



re: Returning to form
Reply : Wed 12th Aug 2009 14:29

I'm glad you finally made it here Richard, and there it no better excuse to play golf than 'The Doctor told me too!'


re: Returning to form
Reply : Thu 13th Aug 2009 09:08

 A heartwarming story Richard. I can tell you have the enthusiasm (God I sound like a school teacher marking an essay) so you'll have to stick at it and I'm sure it'll do nothing but good for your physical health. Mentally, this game can drag you down to despair as I've found out. I've just had a terrible few weeks with my putter...averaging 42-45 putts, however, I decided I HAD to do something and all it was was a change of grip (and also some words of encouragement from the lads on this site... thanks, JP, Lyth and especially Chris Perry's suggestion of telling yourself 'this is a gimme' for those niggling 1 foot tap ins) and it got my confidence back.

 The change was almost immediate: the last two rounds saw me get my usual two-three birdies. I played yesterday and even though I had a couple of three putts (25yd +) I had only 31 putts...31 PUTTS. I don't mind boring you all with it as I'm over the moon. That is 'til next time it happens, or the driver goes, or those 20yd chip shots etc etc.

 Thanks again to you all.

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