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No distance with Irons

Posted by: user50657 | Tue 7th Jul 2009 20:25 | Last Reply

I'm getting really frustrated with my Irons. (Wilson Deep Red Power Weight 5-SW)

I can drive the ball 250yards plus, 3w about 230 yards and my hybrids fine as well, but my Irons I'm really struggling with. For instance on a flat and windless 160 yard par 3 yesterday, I hit a clean 5 Iron shot off the tee which went straight and about the correct loft, but only went about 140 yards.

When I tried the clubs before I bought them, the 7 Iron was carrying about 150 yards, so anyone have any idea where my Iron power has gone?


re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Tue 7th Jul 2009 20:40

Graham, probably you did not strike the ball as well as you thought you did or maybe by taking the iron off the tee you hit it cleanly and then it will not travel as far as if it had been hit off the fairway.

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Tue 7th Jul 2009 21:00

 after playing for around a couple of years i never got any power of my irons. then someone i was playing with explained to me that you have to hit down on the ball and take out a divot if possible as this springs the ball forward giving extra distance. i'm not sure how it works but i'm sure someone on here will let us know how.

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Tue 7th Jul 2009 21:47

Although I wouldn't proffess to be as much of an analyst as John P, I too did the same thing when I got my new irons.  I reckon you're probably trying to hit it too hard.  I soon realised that it was a combination of the thought of the arrow straight 170 yarder down the middle and the desperate attempt to recreate that, and hey presto the swing goes to pot.  I often found that the divot went further than the ball!  I've since slowed down and try to swing through, rather than hit, the ball and it's slowly coming together.... 

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Tue 7th Jul 2009 22:18

GRaham, when you tried them did you use the salesmans measureing stick?

just kidding

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Wed 8th Jul 2009 08:09


It doesn't matter how far your irons'should' go, it's how far they do.  Rather than trying to force them to go further, club up.  As things come together you will start to get more distance with them.

re: No distance with Irons
user128129 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Wed 8th Jul 2009 19:16

I agree with Chris. Far better to be consistant with 140yds than struggling to reach 160yds with a chance of miss hits. Swing smooth and concentrate on hitting down and through and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Wed 8th Jul 2009 19:39

same happened with me, slow down the swing, you never need to beat the S*&T out of the ball. The distance will come.  AW

re: No distance with Irons
Reply : Wed 8th Jul 2009 19:57

It could be that you are trying too hard!

For the moment try and work out how far you are hitting the irons then at least you will know which club to take.

I'm sure that you will get back into your old swing and will start getting the ball to travel a bit further.


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