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2008 golfing resolutions..

Posted by: user77921 | Thu 13th Nov 2008 10:43 | Last Reply

How many of you have hit your 2008 golfing resolutions?

Mine was to get down below an 18 handicap - I only have a few months left to complete it but im quietly confident

Any good ones out there? Anyone actually achieved theirs?

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 10:59

in a word....yes! I better get my skates on!

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 12:07

Not so much a resolution but a determination to become fitter. Hence joining the gym ( which is brill ).

I would like to be off 16 at the end of next season but it not a worry either way..


Almost forgot....and to see the North retain their Trophy...

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re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 12:28

Mine was to get to single figures through the summer and maybe win a "board" competition at the club.

I have achived both ! I have got down to a handicap of 7 from 11 at the beginning of the season and won the Brewers Cup at my club with a level par round of 71 gross.

Icing on the cake would be to win the Golfshake Order of Merit. All in all a good year in any event.

New ambitions for next year are to get to being a Cat 1 golfer (Hcap 5.5 less) and try and get in the scratch team at my club.

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 13:34

Mine was to enjoy the game a lot more & not beat myself up over bad shots. I have achieved this as I do not dread the 1st tee or my 'bogey' hole anymore, subsequently I have played better.

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 13:44

Only had two - break 90 and play a round of bogey golf to prove to myself I was capable.  Done both.  Next year's targets are sub-85 and drop the handicap another five strokes to 18. 

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Thu 13th Nov 2008 17:27

To break 90, managed this in Febuary and havent got close since

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Fri 14th Nov 2008 09:45

Wayne, i also had a resolution to lose a bit of weight but a years supply of choccy has had an adverse affect

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Fri 14th Nov 2008 10:01

I can't blame choccy.

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Wed 26th Nov 2008 09:37

Im just bumping this back to the top because I achieved mine on sun in the rain and snow!! Shot 14 over for a 40 pointer and so when the competition scores get entered, i will be below my target figure of 18!

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re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Wed 26th Nov 2008 12:39

I wandered off the 18th after lipping out and dropping a point saying to the guys in my group "I think I've had a reasonable round so I hope that doesn't cost me".  I hadn't added up at that point either!

You need to make sure that Darren uses the right scorecard too Luke.  There are about 6 for the yellows on Golfshake and the one Darren used for the comp was Par 70, SSS 69.  I'm sure the cards said different because I was expecting a cut to bring my playing handicap down to 22 and that wouldn't give me it. 

re: 2008 golfing resolutions..
Reply : Wed 26th Nov 2008 21:47

Below is what I posted on the Virtual Golf Society forum on the 10th Novermber 20007

My target is to try and get my handicap down to 18 by Easter of 2008.

I've just joined a golf club (Stapleford Abbotts) so I've no excuse for not getting out and playing.

I've had two lesson and both times my game has improved.

Those of you who have played with me have seen how poor my 30 yard or so chips have been, not any more!  One lesson, a few changes and I'm on the green every time now.

The same with my ball striking, seemed to have lost it somewhere along the way, but had a lesson last Thursday and it's back now.

I've put my three cards in at my club and have a handicap of 25 with them, and a 21 handicap with Golfshake.

Hopefully if I keep playing and practicing I should get my handicap back to my best ever of 18 by Easter.

After that who knows, probably aim for 12 or 13 handicap by the end of the summer, but one stage at time for now.



Despite what I wrote about reaching a handicap of 18 by Easter, it didn't happen!

Neither did the 12 or 13 handicap by the end of the summer, but I am at the moment my handicap is 16 (15.8) so I'm below what I wanted to be at Easter but I'm above what I wanted to reach by the end of the summer.

After more lessons I have to admit that I'm playing the best golf of my life.  I'm hitting the ball better than I ever have.

I wonder what I should hope for next year?


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