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K Club in Ireland was awesome

Posted by: user93950 | Wed 23rd Jul 2008 18:58 | Last Reply

I had great fortune to be invited to play in a corporate outing at the K Club Palmer Course and cannot possibly express my awe for this place.  I've played St. Andrews, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie, Glen Eagles, and many other courses, but this place was beyond description.

Every hole, every shot was a challenge.  And from any spot on this course it was a photographic dream.

Holes 7, 16 and 17 were nothing short of the most beautiful golf holes I've ever seen.

But the photograph I shot at sunset during dinner skimming over the 18th fairway is now my desktop background. 


re: K Club in Ireland was awesome
Reply : Thu 24th Jul 2008 09:41

There's many words for someone like you Michael, but they would all just be displaying my total envy of you!! 

Sounds like you've played some amazing courses, very jealous.... I must make it a priority of mine to treat myself to playing some of the well known courses.  I've played some of the secondary courses at St Andrews and Carnoustie and even they were amazing.  Have always loved the look of the K Club, post some of your pictures up on the site or on your profile if you get the chance...

Glad you loved it, how did you score out of interest?? 

re: K Club in Ireland was awesome
Reply : Thu 24th Jul 2008 19:56



Not sure what words you would call me, but I'm 55 years old and worked a long time before I could even remotely afford to go to St. Andrews. First time was 5 years ago on my 50th and the second time this past month on my 55th birthday now that I live in the UK.

As for the K Club, that was a free invite so I consider myself very lucky. Either way, this golf trip was very expensive and I've wiped out all my bank accounts and maxed out the credit cards, so now it's time to pay the piper.

My score was horrendous at the K Club. Shot a 103 with 12 balls in the water and a number of other chunked shots. Next day out to Turvey Golf Club in Donabate, Ireland, I shot my all time best round of 81 on a par 71 6.900 course. Go figure.

I don't know how to post pictures here, so if someone could let me know I'll post them. The originals are 3mb each and these small thumbnails that forumns seem to like would not do my pictures justice. So someone please let me know the best way to post good pictures here. Thanks

Last edit : Thu 24th Jul 2008 19:57
re: K Club in Ireland was awesome
Reply : Tue 29th Jul 2008 11:25

Hi Michael

I certainly didn't mean any offence from my comment, purely a jovial comment as Jon guessed.  Sorry, sometimes written comments can be read in the wrong tone I guess.  I was purely in a joking tone meaning that I was very envious of you, I don't doubt you've worked long and hard to be able to play some fine courses.

I know what you mean about shooting a high score one day and then a low one the next - my inconsistency is what aggravates and dumbfounds me as well!

Practice, practice, practice I guess!! 

re: K Club in Ireland was awesome
Reply : Wed 30th Jul 2008 21:14

No offense taken Jim, I just don't know all the British lingo yet. Had to look up jammy as well.


The golf channel links magazine did an article this past week on comparing Scotland to Ireland. Their review of the K Club was that it was way over rated, etc. I challenge that writer to find a better parkland type course anywhere.

Last edit : Wed 30th Jul 2008 21:14
re: K Club in Ireland was awesome
Reply : Wed 30th Jul 2008 22:17

well this didn't work, will try again...



Last edit : Wed 30th Jul 2008 22:19

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