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Posted by: user77921 | Thu 20th Mar 2008 11:51 | Last Reply

Want a job in golf? Got a job in golf, that you need someone to fill? advertise here.

re: Jobs
Reply : Thu 20th Mar 2008 15:37

I have a hell of a job playing golf... does that count???

re: Jobs
Reply : Wed 26th Mar 2008 15:54

yes i'd love a job in golf. with 6 yrs in Sales i think i need a new challenge

re: Jobs
Reply : Wed 26th Mar 2008 16:05

The only down side for me would be a job in golf that had me working whilst I was watching people going onto the course - that would be a right no no for me...

Sort of working in the pro shop while golfers pass by for a round..

Or green keeper only for me to see some idiot  leave a pitch mark..

In fact the only jobs I could cope with in golf would be a golfer or coach and as I am not good enough for either I guess I will always be a boring auld accountant..


re: Jobs
Reply : Thu 27th Mar 2008 20:56

I actually studied Golf Course Mangement for 3 years including a year on the greens staff at the Forest of Arden (the perk there was free golf on the Arden Course).  I didnt stay in golf but have mates who are Head Green keepers / Golf Pro's and sales Reps for golf related equipment and clothing.

re: Jobs
Reply : Fri 20th Jun 2008 10:38

I've always wanted a job in golf as a course designer, Having played the game for 21 years and experiencing a lot of good courses I have become a rather frustrated turf artist. I know what makes a good course and what makes a bad course. So if Mr Faldo is out there reading this (BTW I love what you did to create The Rock in Muskoka, Canada) then please come and get me.

re: Jobs
Reply : Fri 20th Jun 2008 11:01

...or possibly a call from Mr Nicklaus...!

...Mr Palmer...?!

re: Jobs
Reply : Sun 8th Feb 2009 00:50

 There's a municipal course in Leeds where you're falling over the jobs, all done by dogs.

re: Jobs
Reply : Thu 19th Nov 2009 17:01

Steve I wouldn't mind knowing how much you charge to do a website aswell.

re: Jobs
Reply : Sat 28th Dec 2013 05:23

Tony Valentine's Golf Centre in Corsham/Swindon are advertising for a new role. It's a top notch store to shop from with a great practice area, so imagine the job will be one of the better ones in the industry.

Anyone intersted, please google Tony Valentine Golf and you can find the job ad on their web page.

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