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Video keeps stopping on laptop

Posted by: user337007 | Sun 27th Sep 2015 21:24 | Last Reply

When I watch the golf tuition video it keeps stopping every 5 seconds or so. It seems to be like a memory buffer problem but I have a powerful machine with lots of memory. I am on windows 10 - anybody out there know how to fix it.

Last edit : Sun 27th Sep 2015 21:24
re: Video keeps stopping on laptop
Reply : Tue 29th Sep 2015 11:07

Hi Keith, I've tested all okay and yes the videos should buffer depending on your internet connection speed allowing you to skip plus also scrub depending on device.

We are just about to roll out an update to update the player so I'll reply back shortly to see if that fixes. Keen to resolve because we have several new video series coming online very soon which are well worth a watch!

Last edit : Tue 29th Sep 2015 11:07

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