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For Sale: Oscar Jacobson clothing

Posted by: user576911 | Sun 22nd Feb 2015 17:19 | Last Reply

Hi there

i've got a bunch of Oscar Jacobson clothing to sell (all brand new), Open to offers

1: Mickey Tour Jacket (M. I'm 5-9, 38 chest, and it's 'just' on the big size, but not ridiculously so!)

2: Mickey Tour Waterproof Trousers (a 'big' 30 waist as they'd go over trousers, 30 leg)

3: Brent Trousers (32 waist, waist leg)

4: Anton polo (M) - neon blue

5: Mulligan jacket (M) - light grey,default,pd.html

Contact me direct - [email protected]

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