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Posted by: user404225 | Sat 27th Dec 2014 13:05 | Last Reply

I would like to complain about the amount of clubs that as soon as it gets wet stop buggies without any thought for the disabled or hard of walking people who have one man buggies, [I do not have one ] but I think it is completely wrong that these people are unable to play because nearly all the pay and play courses in my area ban all golf buggies but the greenkeeper dashes about on tractor and such like don't they damage their precious course its about time they opened their eyes and thought about other people come on lads have some thought?

Last edit : Sat 27th Dec 2014 13:05
re: buggies
Reply : Sat 27th Dec 2014 15:15

At my club buggies are band and rightly so - However if due to age or being infirmed consideration is given

Last edit : Sat 27th Dec 2014 15:15
re: buggies
Reply : Wed 31st Dec 2014 20:24

I must agree with the poster as i fall into that group. I have sciatica and can not play as soon as the buggies go off which are often far to early and returned far to late. All i want to do is play golf and i have respect for the course and not to tear it up or damage it in any way as it is my course too as i am a member. I must admit i never used a buggy before i got my condition and hope i wont have to after i am better.

Last edit : Wed 31st Dec 2014 20:24
re: buggies
Reply : Thu 1st Jan 2015 12:43

I am a Greenkeeper and I get where youre coming from but its all down to health and safety not just causing damage to the course. Yes you do see us driving around on our tractors but if we didn't then you wouldn't have a course to play on.

Last edit : Thu 1st Jan 2015 12:43
re: buggies
Reply : Thu 1st Jan 2015 15:27

Read the equality act on disability. You cannot give a blanket ban on golf buggies. This must be done on a day to day basic and a result printed out for members to see. Health and safety comes in when they cannot find you an alternative route around the course. Then they should close the course to everyone. Or close the holes effected by safety on Health and Safety grounds.

Last edit : Thu 1st Jan 2015 15:27

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