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Posted by: user598967 | Tue 2nd Sep 2014 17:21 | Last Reply

Hi All I am a novice 28 handicap golfer and one of the problems I have is chipping onto the green up to about 60 yards what club does everyone favour if a lob wedge what degree should I get thanks

Last edit : Tue 2nd Sep 2014 17:21
re: wedge
Reply : Tue 2nd Sep 2014 20:29

60 yards would be a 3/4 sand wedge, or a low knockdown 50* wedge, or a bump and run with an 8 iron.

There are lots of way to getting a ball to a specific yardage, one persons answer with a specific wedge does not mean you will have the same experience. Practise with lots of different clubs to get the general idea of what each one does and how you can execute a shot to suit the conditions.

Last edit : Tue 2nd Sep 2014 20:29
re: wedge
Reply : Tue 2nd Sep 2014 23:46

For most shots from 60 yards and in I would use my lob wedge (60 degrees).

This is only if I need to get the ball over a hazard or rough piece of ground between me and the green.

If I was on the fairway and the ground was good I would probably use my pitching wedge and run the ball along the ground.

Land the ball about half way and it should run the rest of the way to the hole.


Last edit : Tue 2nd Sep 2014 23:46
re: wedge
Reply : Wed 3rd Sep 2014 08:01

Thank you for the advice

Last edit : Wed 3rd Sep 2014 08:01
re: wedge
Reply : Thu 4th Sep 2014 00:03

same as other posters, lob wedge, but prefer a 1/2 swing gap wedge,

for a higher handicapper id be more inclined to recommend the pitching wedge approach as you have to swing the lob wedge harder and the margin for error is less. If youve ever bladed a lob wedge you will know why, i can blade a lob further than i can hit a full sand.

Last edit : Thu 4th Sep 2014 00:03
re: wedge
Reply : Fri 5th Sep 2014 12:56

I'd also go with the lob wedge but I'd definitely recommend trying a few different clubs to see which works for you.

Last edit : Fri 5th Sep 2014 12:56
re: wedge
Reply : Mon 15th Sep 2014 13:29


I have tried loads of different ways of chipping over the years, but lob wedge with a fairly full swing is a difficult shot to pull off regularly, as some of the others have said try different shot types, like half shots with a wedge and running half way there. I tend to use about a 56 wedge and play a bit of a punch shot to get it to get there and stop, it also makes it a lot harder to thin it through the green!

Last edit : Mon 15th Sep 2014 13:29
re: wedge
Reply : Mon 15th Sep 2014 14:27

i like to play this one of two ways, a full 56 wedge from forward in the stance for lots of height and stopping dead or a delofted 52 wedge to come in low and check up second or third bounce. It usually depends on the lie of the ball and how well i am swinging on the day!

Last edit : Mon 15th Sep 2014 14:27
re: wedge
Reply : Mon 15th Sep 2014 17:58

All good advice above. As a high handicapper you may find out the hard way that the higher the loft the more risky the shot... I'd keep your high loft clubs in the bag for the moment as you can do some serious damage to a score card with a 60* wedge from 6 yds never mind 60. Wait 'til you've got more use to how far the ball goes with 7-9 iron using 1/2,3/4 and full swing. Practise is key...you'll instinctively find a club which you can reasonably rely on and take it from there.

Last edit : Mon 15th Sep 2014 17:58
re: wedge
Reply : Tue 16th Sep 2014 00:12

As someone once told me 'don't try and go over something that isn't there', which sort of emphasises what Pat said. If I have to go over a hazard I'll go with loft, bust most of the time a knock down or pitch and run works best for me depending on how much green you've got to work with. Not that anyone should listen to me, my short game's rubbish...

Last edit : Tue 16th Sep 2014 00:12
re: wedge
Reply : Tue 16th Sep 2014 15:21

Thank you to everybody who replied some great tips which I have taken onboard and used already with a bit of success. I was trying to take the aerial route a lot but now only use it like advised on here to clear obstacles. Once again thanks all

Last edit : Tue 16th Sep 2014 15:21

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