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Fighting the Tide of Change

Posted by: user88724 | Sat 28th Jun 2014 13:04 | Last Reply

OK, we all love to buy the latest golf invention which truly expands golf horizons - a graphite driver shaft, a battery operated trolley, for some maybe even a G.P.S. system. Their arrival onto the golf scene creates great interest, provides pleasure to countless numbers, and best of all - hopefully improves players' games.

But what about the rest- the thousands of new models of drivers, irons, bags, gloves etc? Following my 41 year break from golf and returning some years ago it was immediately painfully apparent that latest was not always best, and since then I have repeatedly seen a last year's model of this or that usurped by a later inferior model.

Can you imagine a major manufacturer's team of designers confessing to their boss:

"Sorry but last year's model is so good that we can't better it. We are happy to take any redundancy package going."

Of course not, the idea is ludicrous. Except unless maybe its a VW 'Beetle,' a bowler hat, or a certain garden rake. There are always exceptions in life.

So what is the answer?

For many the answer is to ignore utility sense and always buy the latest as all walks of life incorporate an element of posing. Latest model generally impresses the masses.

For the more discerning the answer may be to do what I do and buy as many of what really suits you, subject to funds permitting and the likelihood that one will live long enough to use them all. I have spare golf shoes, golf shafts, golf grips, and several golf gloves. Sadly though I did not buy enough gloves and the U.S.A. manufacturer has now fallen out with its sole U.K. agent.

If only we had the talent of say Jack Nicklaus who professes that a talented player can adapt to any equipment.

For me that level of talent may never arrive so I cling to (and stock) those precious golf jewels that work for me. Who knows what additional rubbish tomorrow may bring?

Last edit : Sat 28th Jun 2014 13:04
re: Fighting the Tide of Change
Reply : Sat 28th Jun 2014 21:11

I thought about this and discussed it with friends, we all agreed that manufacturing would be worse as golf companies would be out of business if we all kept our clubs for years. I've kept my irons for 4 years, woods all two years or less. I'll change once I find a set that suits my eye. I hate massive cavity backs but can't repeat my swing consistently to play blades so it might be a hybrid set next. Cavities for 3-7 iron and blades for rest. Doesn't have to be latest ones, just what I think looks good

Last edit : Sat 28th Jun 2014 21:11
re: Fighting the Tide of Change
Reply : Sat 28th Jun 2014 23:29

I confess that I lose no sleep over golf companies going bust, although I was sad to see Ashton Golf go under.

I personally believe that how long we keep our irons is not on all fours with the concept of when we do eventually change them: Do we buy the old model or the new one?

Now here's the rub of it:

When we do change, in the majority of cases the old models are immediately phased out and very soon thereafter our only choice is to buy the latest model.

There are of course exceptions to this and I salute Geek Golf who usually keep their last three models in production.

The bigger golf companies are likely afraid to do this and run the risk of a massive flop. Better for them to only compete with their rivals than also with their own earlier models!

In my book it comes down to being able to choose rather than only being fed the latest model flying on the back of hot air advertising and the illusion that staff tour players are actually using the same equipment as the rest of us.

Last edit : Sat 28th Jun 2014 23:29

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