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Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?

Posted by: user508628 | Mon 16th Jun 2014 17:23 | Last Reply

Hi, my first post here so go easy on me. Have had shoulder pain for a few months now and after an x-ray and chat with GP I've basically been told that too much sudden movement in the shoulder could result in a dislocated shoulder and there is nothing that can be done to sort the problem. So basically I'm now thinking that I need to really slow down my swing but obviously don't want to lose too much distance. I spoke to a friend who suggested purchasing a set of Senior irons, does anyone have any idea whether this could be a option I should look at? Thanks.

Last edit : Mon 16th Jun 2014 17:23
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Mon 16th Jun 2014 19:12

'Senior irons' meaning what? More whippy shafts? Unfortunately cliches are rarely the answer. There are two possibilities:


Swinging every iron more like a driver will create more distance by utilising core power. Expressed in simple terms such entails keeping one's right shoulder way back in attack and uncoiling as late as possible. But if done properly you will need to learn to live with a bit of draw.

Some may ask, essentially what difference does it make? (a) It may create less shoulder stress by reducing an armsy swing, and (b) It is a much more efficient way to generate stress free power. But yes, it does make the swing a little more complex.


(i) This is not a brand issue, or even essentially a shaft flex issue. If applicable it entails switching from steel to graphite shafts. Whilst a graphite shaft is lighter and enables a golfer to swing faster this of course does not relate to you. What does however relate is that graphite shafts return more energy and therefore hit longer. I will not mention the best energy returners as I am not here to plug anything, bar my love for mankind and of course Judy (womankind).

(ii) Increase the head weight of each iron. This will put more force through the ball and create more distance provided that such does not adveresly affect your swing speed.

Last edit : Mon 16th Jun 2014 19:12
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Mon 16th Jun 2014 20:19

I've got 2 dodgy shoulders, I've had an operation on my right and I have a damaged tendon in my left. I also have osteoarthritis in my right knee and a sore achilles tendon in my left heel. not to mension a damaged retina in my right eye! But I digress (a bit). I've found that when I swing I try to feel as if both my bisceps are stuck to my chest throughout my swing, that way there is hardly any pressure on my shoulders. And I've hardly lost any distance and gained in accuracy. Hope it helps in your case!

Last edit : Mon 16th Jun 2014 20:19
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Mon 16th Jun 2014 21:25

Swing slower, swing smoother. All you need to do is to generate club head speed which is not necessarily the same as swinging fast, and using your shoulders is not the best way to do this (the levers just aren't long enough). You've got wrists and hips, use them.

And since we're getting medical, I've had surgery on one shoulder (it's nearly an inch shorter than the other), suffered back, hip and knee problems for the best part of 30 years now, and several broken fingers and bits. Have since discovered the wonders of proper sports massage, which apart form the agony the day after makes everything lovely and smooth....

Last edit : Mon 16th Jun 2014 21:25
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Tue 17th Jun 2014 08:07

Cheers guys, will be definitely looking to slow down my swing and will try out a few other things thats been suggested when I'm out on Friday.

Last edit : Tue 17th Jun 2014 08:07
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Tue 17th Jun 2014 13:42

Im surprised that no one has mentioned the obvious one, - Go see a pro, tell him your situation and ask him for a lesson. surely its worth £30 to learn how to save your health and potentially £300 on a new set of clubs.

And on the subject of health, I have never been to hospital, no broken bones, no illness, I was even born in my parents bed.

Last edit : Tue 17th Jun 2014 13:42
re: Dodgy Shoulder - New Irons?
Reply : Wed 25th Jun 2014 10:55

I'd also suggest going to see a pro, they'll know how to help you adjust your swing and might even be able to give you other pointers. I'd personally rather spend the money than have my shoulder out of socket!

Last edit : Wed 25th Jun 2014 10:55

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