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New Members/Established Members Clashes

Posted by: user451055 | Wed 21st May 2014 09:35 | Last Reply

I wondered if anyone had some advice.

We have had a rather large influx of new members recently and as ever with new members there are always things they just don't know about etiquette etc.

The issues isn't with the new members but really with the more established members who are not necessarily patient and understanding of the new members (many of which are new to golf). They do have a tendency to be quite blunt and not pleasant in the way they tell the new members that have broken a rule.

All clubs need new golfers coming in and we really should be nurturing them and encouraging them in the way we respond to them breaking a rule.

Any ideas how I can raise this with the established members to get them to be a bit more forgiving instead of them grumbling and a generating a them/us attitude.

Last edit : Wed 21st May 2014 09:35
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Wed 21st May 2014 22:20

I came across this at the club I joined a couple of years ago. Another club up the road has a good idea, that a new member must play a round with an existing member for a number reasons. To check the new members ability level, to give them a better insight to the course, and the club in general, and also as a welcome to the whole club. It will immediately let you get to know an existing member so their is a chance to build relationships for the future, and from there build a network within the club.

Last edit : Wed 21st May 2014 22:20
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Thu 22nd May 2014 08:55

'What we have here is a failure to communicate' (film - 'Cool Hand Luke').

If one wanted to take up parachuuting, scuba diving, rifle shooting, or car driving one would first be instructed, trained and initially supervised. Indeed I had a very frustrating three weeks wait before being allowed to join a local gym. whilst I waited for the next induction course, even though I had attended another gym. elswhere for several years.

How many clubs even provide new members with a pamplet on etiquette let alone golf rules? How many clubs hold induction evenings, let alone set up provisional membership subject to say passing a simple written test before renewal is granted? No, it's wheel 'em in, get a bank standing order completed, and throw a plastic membership tag on the table. Oh, and maybe advise 'No wearing blue jeans!'

Perhaps of greater importance - members new and old are ALLOWED TO PLAY GOLF WITHOUT INSURANCE! Clubs are greedy for subs. and allow anyone out onto their courses with permission to use lethal weapons without insurance.

Clubs are generally greedy, undisciplined, sometimes badly managed and nearly always lacking in communication. So what can one expect?

It is really frustrating on this site having to delete a post and then cut and paste it in order to facilitate editing. Please remedy the site fault to allow post facto editing.

Last edit : Thu 22nd May 2014 08:55
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Thu 22nd May 2014 10:16

To elaborate on Ivan's point, in Germany you have undergo a test, bit like a driving test, where you have to demonstrate you have some sort of golfing ability and a base knowledge of the rules and etiquette. You then get some sort of golfing licence (dont know the full details) which you have to provide in order to play anywhere.

This doesn't exclude those that dont quite cut the mustard - the max handicap is 36 for gents and 54 for women, so they absolutely want it to be an inclusive game rather than exclusive. However it of course means larger respect for the game, the rules and the manner of the game.

Last edit : Thu 22nd May 2014 10:16
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Thu 22nd May 2014 13:37

I think there are still some elements of the older well established clubs that do resent the fact that they need new members and take their money with a certain disdain (they still aspire to be one of those exclusive clubs that don't need the money and you simply can't get in). I'm afraid you wont change the old guard Judy no matter how good your intentions.

Last edit : Thu 22nd May 2014 13:37
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Fri 23rd May 2014 08:57

You are probably right Patrick - sigh

Last edit : Fri 23rd May 2014 08:57
re: New Members/Established Members Clashes
Reply : Wed 4th Jun 2014 12:52

i believe as a new golfer and have posted the same subject some clubs are more friendly and these clubs will flourish

although a round with a member who can show you the course and see your level is a great idea and i would love this to happen at all clubs

Last edit : Wed 4th Jun 2014 12:52

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