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Nice beginners set for sale

Posted by: user418412 | Sun 20th Apr 2014 10:46 | Last Reply

Hello all,

I'm trying to sell on my beginners set. It's a Wilson MOI set with Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrids and 5i-SW plus a Dunlop 4i and putter. The driver is almost unused as are the Dunlop clubs and the irons are still in very good condition. I found it to be a brilliant beginners set but I quickly moved on to other clubs. I've put it all together in a brand new carry stand bag that I won in a competition and the bag alone had got to be worth £40. Because of it's size and the amount of competition on ebay that has never worked as I'd like to get around £120 for the set but I'm open to offers. I live in Colchester in Essex but often work in London and also travel around the country so may be able to deliver depending on when and where. It's a great set for someone starting out or just playing occasionally so if you're interested please get in touch.

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