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Posted by: user23840 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Fri 30th Nov 2007 09:58 | Last Reply

Anyone use it? just downloaded it for my mobile phone, looks good. 

Last edit : Fri 30th Nov 2007 10:00
re: Mscorecard
Reply : Fri 30th Nov 2007 10:08

not sure. That would be great, as it has the same kind of stats. You can also use your gps phone for yardage.

re: Mscorecard
Reply : Fri 30th Nov 2007 12:12

Problem is phones are banned from our course...

re: Mscorecard
Reply : Fri 30th Nov 2007 12:19

You can turn the ringer off, and just use it as a score card. Thats what I'm going to do. I never answer my phone on course.

Last edit : Fri 30th Nov 2007 12:20
re: Mscorecard
Reply : Fri 28th Aug 2015 16:52

I have just downloaded this app and have tried it several times. The first course said it didn't have gps co-ordinates, so that was a waste of time. My home course doesn't have gps co-ordinates for the back 9. It is only a 9 hole course which you repeat off different tees. And I can't get the distances to the bunkers and any water on a course, so it is a waste of time again. Can anyone tell me why I can't get these distances. This app boasts the ability to give these distances but I can't see how.

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