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Powakaddy apalling customer service

Posted by: user326822 | Thu 9th Jan 2014 11:01 | Last Reply

My wife bought me a replacement golf trolley for last Xmas (2012) via my home club's Pro Shop. The trolley has had less than 9 months use and yet it already has had an excessive number of repairs. To say I am dismayed with this product is an understatement. I have had so many major faults with it in the 10 months I have owned it that I have asked Powakaddy to replace the trolley (which they have refused to do) as each of the problems I have had has been a fundamental fault not just a maintenance issue. Here are the problems:

1) Front wheel fell off. (3 days loss of use whilst repaired)

2) A New Battery required after 3 or 4 months of use. (7 days loss of use whilst repaired)

3) The controller (electronic) bit broke and needed replacing (7 days loss of use whilst repaired)

4) The axle has broken (7 days loss of use whilst repaired)

5) The replacement 36 hole battery after 6 weeks use is now defective and Powakaddy are refusing to replace it under their 1 year guarantee saying (dishonestly) that the guarantee only runs from the date the retailer bought it and therefore the guarantee on the battery is out of warranty. The Advertising Standards Authority have questioned Powakaddy about this misleading statement and they have now agreed that that their rejection of my claim for a replacement battery is wrong - but guess what, they still refuse to honour their guarantee. I will never ever purchase a product from this company again and I suggest no-one else does unless they want endless breakdowns and hassle from a deceitful company

re: Powakaddy apalling customer service
Reply : Thu 9th Jan 2014 12:28

One of the main reason I went down the GoKart route was their excellent customer services. Its currently in for repair (A fault caused by myself). Call on Monday, Collected by courier on Tuesday. Repair free of charge (Plus service of other parts) and will be returned in a couple of days.

I'll also add my 18 hole battery has easily covered 36 holes in a day a number of times.

Sorry to hear of your issues. Next time your in the market give these guys a try.

re: Powakaddy apalling customer service
Reply : Fri 10th Jan 2014 15:34

My Powakaddy pull trolley broke during the North v South match last year which was a bit of a pain but I struggled round with it ok in the end. All it needed to fix it was a new plastic bag support bit at the bottom but after several emails to powakaddy who refused to deal with me direct and put me on to their agent who I emailed and phoned 3 times each I gave up because they couldn't give me a price and never got back to me despite telling me many times that they would. I complained to powakaddy who still refused to supply me with the part direct and so I told them in no uncertain terms what i thought of them and their agents. When I decide I am too old and decrepid to pull a trolley and go for an electric one it will definatly not be with one of theirs.

Last edit : Fri 10th Jan 2014 22:09
re: Powakaddy apalling customer service
Reply : Sat 11th Jan 2014 04:00

Sadly this appears to be a common theme with Powakaddy, there are a few other threads out there with similar responses. Not helped by certain magazines still proclaiming that these flawed products are okay and giving out medals willy nilly. By all accounts I hear the Powakaddy sport is okay but this has a different axle design.

Sad case of take the money before reputation?

Hope you get yours sorted Greg.

re: Powakaddy apalling customer service
Reply : Sat 11th Jan 2014 10:42

I have to agree with Matt Holbrook... nothing but good things to say about GoKart.

Asked them for advice on how to remove the front axle to grease the bearings and they sent instructions and a new axle & bearings - no charge.

Had the beast back to them for an overhaul at 4 years and it's came back like new. Original battery still doing 36 holes on a charge.

Add to this, that everyone I spoken to at GoKart has been pleasantness personified and I couldn't imagine buying from anyone else.

I have no connection with GoKart other than being a satisfied customer and couldn't imagine going anywhere near Powakaddy.

re: Powakaddy apalling customer service
Reply : Wed 15th Jan 2014 09:50

I have had similar issues in the past with Motocaddy. Appalling customer service ended up with a full refund. I have bought a second hand Powerkaddy Classic to protect a shoulder injury I can swing OK but lifting the bag on and off the shoulder is painful.

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