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Decisions 2014

Posted by: user446732 | Tue 19th Nov 2013 18:52 | Last Reply


re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Wed 20th Nov 2013 14:12
re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Thu 21st Nov 2013 23:49

Hi Darren. Your link contains the following:

"The first could be construed as direct response to an incident involving Tiger Woods earlier this year. Woods was assessed a two shot penalty in a PGA tour event when he was deemed to have caused his ball to move when removing a loose impediment.

While it is not unusual for a player to accidently move his ball and be assessed a penalty. What was unusual was the fact that the ball could only be seen to move when viewed at slow motion on high definition TV camera."

It's probably true that the rules officials reacted to the Woods incident, though you have to ask why they didn't do the same for Harrington in a far more justifiable incident some time earlier (and he was disqualified and not given the penalty option). However, I disagree with the second paragraph, having just reviewed the youtube video. The video was recorded on a mobile phone or similar, is not HD, and the movement can still be seen clearly at normal speed when Woods tries to move a second twig from in front of his ball. When it moves he withdraws his hand and carries on with his stroke as though nothing had happened. If he believed the ball didn't move why didn't he continue with the removal of the twig?

Which begs the question - am I allowed to touch a twig to see whether my ball will move and, if it does, push the twig back so the ball resumes its original position, claiming that it "oscillated"?

re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Fri 22nd Nov 2013 17:16

He saw the ball move and obviously took a chance that no-one else saw it. Anyone else would have been disqualified for blatant cheating.

re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Fri 22nd Nov 2013 17:27

If the ball comes to rest for more than more than a blink then IMO it has moved.

re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Wed 27th Nov 2013 11:10

Not just tiger several were DQ last couple of years for movement naked to the visible eye but apparant on TV.

re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Wed 27th Nov 2013 15:11

Yes but that movement was obvious to everyone including Tiger !.

Ps . I like that quote " naked to the visible eye "

re: Decisions 2014
Reply : Wed 27th Nov 2013 22:26

Gary, you say "not just Tiger, several were DQ last couple of years".

I think that' s the whole point. Others are disqualified while Tiger gets a penalty, or even excused a penalty as in the Masters, then the interpretation of the rules is changed to suit his opinion of his actions, even though he is demonstrably wrong.

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