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Dog Walkers

Posted by: user43166 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Mon 11th Nov 2013 12:44 | Last Reply

Played Royal Ashdown yesterday (only the West course unfortunately). There were LOADS of dog walkers out there. Most of them were happy to share the space with others, take note of golfers and stand to the side if it looked like we were about to play. Others though seemed to treat it as their own space, completely oblivious to there actually being a golf course out there. Even had to wait a few minutes whilst a small girl stopped playing with her ball and dog on the 17th green!

I see this a lot on courses that are on common ground, far too many walkers just wander out in front of you and expect you to wait 5 minutes.

Good course that and thoroughly enjoyed the round.

re: Dog Walkers
Reply : Mon 11th Nov 2013 18:19

Paul, I wasnt a big fan of ashdown thought it was very quirky. Lots of humps and hollows. Very hard to hold the greens ( didnt you think ). And yes a few dog walkers. The course that takes the gold medal for dog wa&kers is redhill and reigate. We were pre warned beforehand but it was an absolute joke. Dogs running all over the place. On the greens in the bunkers. Owners standing in the middle of the fairways, yes the middle, talking to each other. Once you get across the main rd it calms down a bit but never again. Dave CAC handed Geordie. PS it was very cheap.

re: Dog Walkers
Reply : Tue 12th Nov 2013 13:21

Hi Dave. I did find some of those bumps and hollows early on but didn't notice later - maybe I just didn't find them. Green were very receptive - perhaps it is the time of year and with the amount of rain we have had they were bound to be soft.

Never played R&R - don't think I will on your recommendation!

re: Dog Walkers
Reply : Tue 12th Nov 2013 13:37

The problem is it's common land.

Therefore they have a right to be there, even though it's obviously a golf course!

The way to deal with them is to just play your shot, if they are stupid enough to stand in the middle of a fairway when you are playing golf, then it's their fault!


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