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Winter Golf Balls

Posted by: user91850 | Fri 25th Oct 2013 11:36 | Last Reply

As winter is fast approaching, it is believed that we should be switching to low compression golf balls. Do you agree? What balls do you recommend? Does this actually make a difference?

re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Fri 25th Oct 2013 18:02

My normal ball is the Srixon Z-Star, but as in the winter the greens are soft and the wind effects the ball more I just stock up on AD333s. Do a decent enough job

re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Fri 25th Oct 2013 18:59

After a game yesterday the Srixon Trispeeds are about to go in the bag to replace the usual Z Stars.

re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Sat 26th Oct 2013 15:05

Pro V1x for the summer.

Srixon Soft Feel for the winter.


re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Sun 27th Oct 2013 20:27

This is probably going to sound like a very dim question but why does different weather mean a different ball is better?

Go easy on me, I'm a beginner.

re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Sun 27th Oct 2013 20:42

Fun analysis here 'Golf Ball Compression & Cold Condition Tests'

Or the direct video:

re: Winter Golf Balls
Reply : Tue 5th Nov 2013 09:34

really good vid tried this myself at my local course as recommended on twitter as well and the top flite xl fared better for me than more expensive balls i have been using happy days ty

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