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Courses Lacking Length

Posted by: user466742 | Thu 24th Oct 2013 15:08 | Last Reply

So, am i the only person who feels that 'local' courses in England are a little short. By short i mean under 6000 yards. Anyone else share this view or just me? I've found the majority of my 'local' (not championship standard) courses in my area are almost all under the 6000 yard mark from the yellow tees, with most of the white tees only adding 200-300 yards?

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Thu 24th Oct 2013 15:53

What length would you expect them to be? We have a local municipal which is near 7000 off the whites and 6500 off yellows and most people complain about it being too long. The majority of holes require you to hit a good drive and then a longer iron, very rarely do you hit from inside 150 for your second shot.

Length is needed at Championship level but not local, the best courses protect their short length with doglegs and undulating fairways or greens

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Thu 24th Oct 2013 16:19

I'd expect 'challenging' courses to be around the 6k mark to be honest. Certainly not 5500 yards like some in my area are. Most of the SSS are 2/3 shots under the actual par level which is pretty disappointing. Maybe the local muni's i play are just poorly designed? Sure, they all have dog legs and some bunkering to protect greens and some fairways, but most of the dog legs aren't protected by high trees or tough rough, or even OOBs. I'd love to play a course 6500 yards just to see the amount of difference there is! Most of the par 4's i play are driver, then a short iron, certainly no more than a 7 iron.

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Thu 24th Oct 2013 18:16

I share Andrew's thoughts. If I play somewhere new, my heart sinks a little if the course is under 6000y. Dont get me wrong there are some cracking course in the 5500-6000 range, but I like a course to reward good ball striking. I much prefer hitting mid-long into greens after a good drive rather than play a load of 300-340y par 4s were you never take more than a 9iron into the green.

re: Courses Lacking Length
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Thu 24th Oct 2013 20:29

The vast majority of courses were built when a 250yd drive was the norm, not 300+. You couldn't reach many par 4's over 450yds. Today they stay the same because there is no room or money to lengthen them.

I am just as happy to shoot a 65 on a 5000yd course as shooting a 72 on a 7200yd+ track. After all, that's what Golf is all about, isn't it?

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Fri 25th Oct 2013 12:06

I have to agree with David, the idea is to shoot as low as you can, on what ever course you are playing however long it is, they all present their own challenge, perhaps you need to take a different club of the tee so you don't always hit 9 irons and wedges in to the greens, even the tour pro's don't always take driver from the tee. I play a short course in the winter time purely because it has really good drainage and is open when a lot of other courses are not, but I don't take my driver or three fairway, I only play with my irons and I try shoot level or under par, and as I don't have my driver or three fairway I can't drive any of the greens so I am relying on my short game to get the job done.

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Fri 25th Oct 2013 19:36

Your approach makes a lot of sense Russel. However I am now at an age where I take every advantage I can, be it shorter distances, wider fairways, negligable rough and flatter bunkers and greens. I can enjoy myself on a short course (e.g. Windmill Village, Coventry-5184yds or something longer e.g. Kenwick Park, Lincs-6715yds). My home course is 5309yds off whites and still provides a tough test. I think this marvelous game provides a test on almost any layout. Enjoy!

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Mon 4th Nov 2013 19:55


Please read the AUP so I don't have to keep editing your posts

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Mon 4th Nov 2013 22:23

I can do without long courses. Maybe because I don't hit it as far nowadays. You expect the odd par 4 going in with a 3 wood but please, not more than once in a round. Even though new equipment and technology no longer gives the long hitters so much of an advantage as it used to, there still seems to be too much emphasis on hitting a long ball. Any one would think manufacturers have a hidden agenda with subliminal messages all over the internet.

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Mon 4th Nov 2013 23:59

Got to agree with you there Pat. I wasn't sure so I looked at your home course, Moor Allerton, and it appears the 1 - 18 loop is under 6000 yards and any combination of the three loops are only just over 6300 off the yellows. I defy anyone to say that it feels short or plays easily because of it's lack of length. What it does require is strategy in places which is what I'd consider to be a true test of golf.

I simply don't buy the myth that lots of golfers now consider a 250 yard 'short', I've played with a lot of very good golfers and rarely have I come across anyone who can hit it that distance with any consistency, unless of course my GPS lies and my miserable 220 yard efforts are 40 or 50 yards behind, because they aren't. And invariably the ones that do hit it that distance are very low single figure golfers.

re: Courses Lacking Length
Reply : Tue 5th Nov 2013 15:19

Some fair opinions for both sides. Thanks for the input chaps.

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