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Garmin S1 GPS Golf Watch

Posted by: user43763 | Wed 16th Oct 2013 16:28 | Last Reply

Just a quick post to give my thoughts as to the Garmin S1 approach Gps watch.

Initially I wanted a GPS device that wasn't my phone as theres nothing worse than finishing a round with less than 20% battery (cue the moaning missus who cant get hold of you) I looked at some hand held devices and although the features that can be obtained by such devices are more than capable of delivering distances to bunkers and hazards, as I would mostly be playing my home club and I don't aim for bunkers (or so ill claim) then this wasn't on my list of wants. I also wanted subscription free - I begrudge spending a chunk of cash on something then dribs and draps every year just to keep using it. The Fiddle factor was also a big thing for me, I didn't want to be constantly in and out of a pocket or worrying about has it fallen off my bag. This being said I wanted something cheap and although £130 isn't cheap, its by far the cheapest on the market for a watch device. Ive had it 2 weeks and LOVE it! im not normally a watch wearer but I haven't taken it off, extremely comfortable and doesn't get sweaty, the display is excellent in all light conditions and the readings to front back and centre of greens are more than what I wanted. Straight out of the box it picked up my local courses and couldn't think of one it couldn't find. The yardages of my home course and a new course id never played were all within 2 yds except one hole on the new course which im told had been altered very recently. The shot measure feature was useful and it picked up satellites quickly and never dropped signal. Downside? well, the charging connection can be a little fiddly but saying that it charges after 36 holes in less than 3 hours. After 18 it can charge in much less than an hour. Also on the adverts and other reviews I had read, it said it would display the par of the hole, however mine does not, im not sure if it depends on the course or how it was mapped but im going to contact customer support. If anyone is thinking about one of these devices and wants the budget entry S1, Go for it!! I am the envy of my playing partners and I was surprised how useful the yardages actually are. The Bushnell neo + is an alternative priced about £30 more but the battery life is better (72 holes without charge I believe). Thought id share my experience if theres any questions ill try and answer them £129.99 at American golf, or £129.99 (12 free callaway warbrids) online golf

re: Garmin S1 GPS Golf Watch
Reply : Thu 17th Oct 2013 15:27

Thanks for the review Alun, you make it sound tempting. I was always on the against rather than for side with these distance devices but I do ask more and more about distances if playing partners have them and now that the price is not too great and they're 'handy' in all senses of the word, I might consider getting one.

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