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Golf Simulators

Posted by: user558467 | Wed 2nd Oct 2013 16:06 | Last Reply

Looking for a quality golf simulator? Check out Visual Sports Systems. There systems use both high-speed tracking cameras as well as integrated floor sensor mat.

There systems also can be fitted with weight transfer and video analysis hardware.

Check them out at

re: Golf Simulators
Reply : Wed 2nd Oct 2013 16:37

i would love to know how much they cost, I cant see it being less than £6000 though. I always fancied an optishot, they looked to be good value for money but I don't know anyone whos used one

re: Golf Simulators
Reply : Wed 2nd Oct 2013 21:32

This looks an awful lot like spam to me.

re: Golf Simulators
Reply : Tue 8th Oct 2013 21:44


It doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. No breach of the AUP and it's up to you whether you pay it any attention

re: Golf Simulators
Reply : Wed 9th Oct 2013 08:38

I've been on a few of these (playing virtual golf courses). The novelty soon wears off. I think they're accuate when it comes to tee shots ie when you think you've come accross it it will go right etc. but the putting's a joke. I know of a couple of people who have them but I wouldn't consider even paying 10% of the £30k they paid.

re: Golf Simulators
Reply : Wed 9th Oct 2013 17:31


On most internet forums a message promoting a commercial product posted by an account which has obviously been created just to make that post would not be tolerated.

I'm new here and I'm not about to start an argument with a moderator about what should and should not be allowed on your site, but I will register my surprise that this is accepted behaviour. Particularly given the following from the golfshot AUP:

"Commercial posting, including [...] any solicited or unsolicited commercial communication is strictly forbidden and will be deleted immediately."

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