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Garmin S2 golf watch

Posted by: user553076 | Mon 2nd Sep 2013 22:41 | Last Reply

Hi folks, this is my first post so please bare with me!

I was recently and kindly given a Garmin S2 golf watch from all the kids in my class (I'm a teacher - a very lucky one - where the kids had collected money between them and bought the watch for me!). I absolutely love the watch, however, whilst playing golf, it sometimes seems to 'loose' it's position and gives the wrong yardage (and then gives the yardage from the first tee!). It's probably because I've lost the satellite connection, however, when I've tried starting up the course search again, it always reverts back to the first hole (and I might be on the 4th for example). Or for example, I might want to play the first nine, but skip to the 17th and 18th at the club course, but the watch doesn't seem to understand that I've moved and automatically presumes I'm on the 10th etc

Is there a way of resetting the watch, or doing something so that it knows I'm no longer on the first tee? There's probably a very simple way of doing this but I've read the instructions and there is unfortunately no information about this. Many thanks for your help.

re: Garmin S2 golf watch
Reply : Tue 3rd Sep 2013 20:26

Kevin, Have you tried these steps?

re: Garmin S2 golf watch
Reply : Tue 3rd Sep 2013 21:14

Many thanks John, I'll give that a go! Cheers

re: Garmin S2 golf watch
Reply : Fri 6th Sep 2013 13:08

Don't know if you have sorted your problem, or whether this will help, but I have the S1 watch and by pressing the Up and Down buttons this moves the watch up and down holes.

re: Garmin S2 golf watch
Reply : Fri 6th Sep 2013 14:29

Great Tony, thanks for that. I'm playing today so will use the watch to it's full potential now! And for the record, I really do like this watch (the extra dog-left feature is probably the only difference between the S1 and S2, but I personally wouldnt miss it) - super accurate and has already taken 3/4 shots off my game!

Cheers Tony

re: Garmin S2 golf watch
Reply : Fri 7th Nov 2014 15:09

I'm a first time poster! I have a S2 Garman and if I charge it overnight by morning it is totally discharged. I bought a charger especially for this watch? Why

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