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Final Achieved a massive goal!

Posted by: user320021 | Thu 29th Aug 2013 15:08 | Last Reply

After playing for years, I finally played and hit level par! Perfect day for twilight golf, the course was surprisingly empty and the greens were being dressed! Hit the green on the 195yds 1st, but 3 putted, double bogeyed the next and bogeyed the third, thinking that it was just going to be a nice walk in the evening sun, but then 6 birdies and 2 bogeys for the rest of the round. More by great chipping and putting then anything else, but really satisfying! See how it goes for the next time round!

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Thu 29th Aug 2013 17:17

Wow. Congrats man! Huge achievement! One day, one day!! Bet the feeling of signing the card was amazing!

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Thu 29th Aug 2013 18:56

Good shooting Colin. Keep that form up on the Gtour you might be on a plane to Cyprus in January.

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Fri 30th Aug 2013 13:07

Gilbert, without doubt, as I hadn't done it before it was a bit of a fluke, but I'm trying to get more consistent, but I only get to play about 3 times per month! I've been close plenty of times before, but always a couple of shots away, so just nice to finally get that goal, the next one is to get the handicap down to a level where I can do it consistently, but without a membership and having two small children that part may have to wait a bit!

Last edit : Fri 30th Aug 2013 13:08
re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sat 31st Aug 2013 10:37

I wish it was that easy, I'm not consistent enough and know that I wouldn't make it, I enjoy it, to relax and try to play well. Also Mortgage and bills are not going to get paid from my skill at Golf! The round was off the yellows and played at South Beds GC - about 120 years old!

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sat 31st Aug 2013 14:04

Come off it Gilbert. Don't be such a misery!! You should know better at your age than to downplay Colin's achievement. Congratulations Colin. You have every reason to be chuffed. I recently did a PB of 74 on a par 65 course and still feel the satisfaction it gave me. (followed it with a 77). P.S. I'm 66 next week.

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 18:05

Yes, posting his achieve to an audience that doesn’t give a toss is simply feeding his own ego

That tends to be the difference with golf forums and typically people do give a toss because we are all trying to achieve similar goals, in my opinion anyway.

Plus quite often on golf forums and on sites like Golfshake lots of the members have actually met up and played golf together so it's more than just digital posturing because there is an actual real world relationship.

Well done Colin great round, glad you posted otherwise I would have had to wait until the event at the Nottinghamshire to hear all about it.

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 18:40

Gilbert, unlike you I have found that people on this forum DO give a toss when other contributors report on their highs and lows on the golf course. Of course you are the top know it all in your world as that comes across very clearly in your posts. Congratulations on winning the Hogg Salver, I am sure you were a worthy and modest winner. Feel free to bore me with your achievements any time. I'm sure at our stage of life we have enough achievements under our belts to bore the youngsters to death. You comment that Colin was feeding his own ego by posting is clearly not something that you need to do.

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 20:15

When you have been on this site for somewhat longer than you have Gilbert, then you will be qualified to comment on the responses that you have gleaned from an assortment of posts. I have a longer involvement with Golfshake than yourself and feel better qualified to comment on fellow 'Shakers'. Take your time Gilbert,get to know us and then give us the wisdom you so clearly feel you have. Plenty of us enjoy strong debate and you may have noticed how much enjoyment I have garnered from the few interactions with yourself. Thank you for relaying news of your previous Hogg Salver win along with your most recent. I make that two now. Very impressive Gilbert!

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sun 1st Sep 2013 23:20

Hi Gilbert I know that it was not your intention for others to start a thread showing support for Colins' post; but on the back of responses from Darren and Michael, I would like to say that I enjoyed reading Colins' original post and empathised with it as its a goal I hold myself. Please take this "democratically" but I felt your reply somewhat harsh. I don't know Colin, and although I didn't reply before your intervention I was genuinely happy for someone achieving a long held goal. Based on you previous replies you will respond with reasons why your stance is correct, which it is to you, but for me its simple I would rather congratulate an achievement than try to discredit it. Tim

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Mon 2nd Sep 2013 15:55

I'm impressed that my first ever post on here has got so much response. At 35 and having learnt when I was about 11 I've had a while to learn the game after being set up with a proper swing, but other distractions got in the way of my golf for a while before I got to a level where I could enjoy the game and have the right thoughts during my round. I didn't post for the sycophantic responses Gilbert seems to believe, (though they are nice to receive) but to share that goals can be set and reached, even if it is the only time I ever manage it I can now say that its something I achieved. There are goals people achieve, but will never achieve again. It doesn't make them any the less satisfying to get there. does a footballer who plays one game for his country get told "you were only picked because you had a couple of good games and the others for that position were injured" or is he congratulated for what he has achieved? and so on.....

To presume that you could know why I do or don't become a member of a particular club is bordering on ridiculous, other than the simple finances, you don't know the membership, how far it is from where I live, the other clubs that may be preferable, equally, your calculations on what I pay to play are extraordinarily far from the facts. Ultimately I play the game to enjoy it and to socialize with the friends I play with, comps are great, but not possible without a membership.

You ask about handicap, but without anything I could turn up at some events/golf days etc claiming whatever I wanted, but you are on the biggest golfing forum site in Europe which also provides handicap tracking system for those without a CONGU one. I do look forward to joining a club again at some point in the future and I strongly suspect that when I put in my first 3 cards at a new course I would end up with a handicap higher than the one tracked on golfshake, I may even get accused of being a bandit when I do, so which would be better, providing something on here, or just taking a guess?

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Mon 2nd Sep 2013 16:32

Can you explain to me Gilbert, how someone can fluke 18 holes of golf. OK, perhaps they may only do it once (as I may never repeat or beat my PB), but to describe it as a fluke is nonsense. You may perhaps fluke a shot, or even a hole, but 18 holes! That can't be a fluke... Colin, you played exceptionally well and enjoy the achievement. As for my not liking your response if I lecture you Colin, I really couldn't give a fig. You are trying to extracate yourself from a not particularly supportive post in which you implied some doubt about Colin's performance. You obviously have a big opinion of yourself, but you do not know Colin, so should treat his achievement with more respect.

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Tue 3rd Sep 2013 13:04

Gilbert, it's neither not nether. As you so rightly say Gilbert we have done this issue to death and my final contribution is to once again say 'Well done' to Colin. Enjoy your golf everyone!

re: Final Achieved a massive goal!
Reply : Sat 7th Sep 2013 20:26

I've just read this entire 'debate' I'm I'm absolute hysterics. Top work chaps. Very entertaining!

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