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Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help

Posted by: user425195 | Wed 3rd Jul 2013 16:55 | Last Reply

Does anyone have any advice for how to equip a junior with better clubs?

My 14 year old son plays off 20 and has a set of Masters junior clubs which have served him well, but are now holding him back, mainly because they are too flexible, he's overpowering them and starting to become inconsistent.

He's not a tall 14 year old, so he's too short for full size clubs, but he's due a growth spurt so don't want to spend a fortune only to throw them away (via e-bay of course) in six months time.

Any ideas most welcome.

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Wed 3rd Jul 2013 22:20

Teenage boys usually use womens clubs as they are more flexible and slightly shorter than mens clubs. you can probably pick up a good set on ebay to last him until he is ready for an adult mens set.

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Sat 6th Jul 2013 14:57


Seek out an older set of men's that have been well used (shaft will be softer). I got a full set of clubs, bag, balls , shoes etc for £50. My teenage daughter loved them.

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Sun 7th Jul 2013 22:14

Greg, I'm the junior organiser at my club and my own son has played since he was about 5 years old and is now the county boys captain. As you can imagine, we have gone through all club options from Young Guns (all sizes), to men's clubs with senior shafts, men's club with regular shafts but shortened, men's clubs with standard shafts to men's clubs with stiff shafts.

I think the honest answer would have to be that there are so many variables you really need to look at fitting or get advice from a PGA Professional to get the best possible match.

However, it's possible, based on your description, that either ladies clubs or men's clubs with senior flex graphite shafts may do the job. Can you get to a shop with a decent selection of 2nd hand clubs and a driving range and let him try some out?

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Mon 8th Jul 2013 21:34

Richard, would you recommend the Young Guns stuff for 5 year olds ? Toying with this or getting some cheap clubs from SportsDirect and chopping down for him.

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Mon 8th Jul 2013 21:59

Our pro puts the kids in Young Guns. He also warns against chopping down for kids as the head will be too heavy and the balance all to pot

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Mon 8th Jul 2013 22:17

Daniel worked his way through the various stages of Young Gun clubs (red, yellow, green & blue - I can't remember the order) and they were very good. Certainly a much better option than cut down adult clubs. I am told that the US Kids range of junior clubs are even better. Also, Ping have a range of junior clubs - the Moxie - which are very highly rated.

re: Clubs for Junior Golfer - Help
Reply : Tue 9th Jul 2013 16:21

My daughter uses a jaxx junior set but they are to heavy and are in age ranges of 3 years, i.e 5-8. She is 6 and the 5-8 are a bit on the heavy side for her, maybe a different story for a six year old boy.

The US kids golf clubs look so much better I took her to american golf last week and she was hitting them in the net and it was so much better for her, they were much lighter and the shafts were so much more flexible plus they are rated in 2 year age gaps so 5-7 years.

The US kids are for her head and shoulder above her currrent set and I am going to change them but I wouldnt mind alook at the young guns first as the US Kids are pretty expensive

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