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Recommendations for a 36 hole battery???

Posted by: user356537 | Wed 6th Mar 2013 10:01 | Last Reply

We have two electric trolleys (a Powakaddy and a Hilly Billy) which my son and I use. My son normally carries but when playing in a county match or 36 hole competition he uses one of the electric trolleys. I have three 36 hole batteries (the original Powkaddy, a Maxi and a ) which are all 4 - 5 years old and coming to the end of thier life - at least for 36 holes!

I'm looking for a replacement and the prices vary from about 45 to 110. It isn't immedaiately apparent that paying the highest price is a guarantee of a better battery but suprisingly, none of the various golf websites have reviews for batteries.

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a particular brand. I am tempted to try a Lucas AGM 34ah. Has anyone had any experience of them?



re: Recommendations for a 36 hole battery???
Reply : Wed 6th Mar 2013 16:13

I have a Gokart 18 hole battery and use it for 36 hole comps and it still has plenty left to do more holes

re: Recommendations for a 36 hole battery???
Reply : Wed 6th Mar 2013 17:50


I also have the GoKart, but doubt it would fit any of your current trollys!

re: Recommendations for a 36 hole battery???
Reply : Wed 6th Mar 2013 18:08

Might be able to get some thing to fit it on know Gokart have kits so you can fit other battery's to there trolleys. I have a clickgear trolley really like it very easy to push could get your son one of them

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