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Powakaddy not charging! Help?

Posted by: user508439 | Fri 22nd Feb 2013 20:54 | Last Reply

I have come to charge my powakaddy battery but it isnt seeming to gain charge. the "charging" light is illuminated but very dim and the "fully charged" light never comes on. i have tried 2 different chargers and 2 different batteries and no luck. anyone else had this trouble?

re: Powakaddy not charging! Help?
Reply : Sat 23rd Feb 2013 16:04

Lithium or lead acid? If its lead acid, when was it last charged? If its lithium, is it an 18 or 36 hole batt, and how often is it charged

re: Powakaddy not charging! Help?
Reply : Sat 23rd Feb 2013 23:14

It's a lead acid battery 36 holes. 12v 33ah It hasn't been charged since like September, when I drained it.

re: Powakaddy not charging! Help?
Reply : Sun 24th Feb 2013 23:41

If you've drained the battery, you've probably killed it - unless you're very lucky. Once a battery has had its initial fill and charge you should never drain a battery. Draining it causes a number of problems - sulfation of the plates, warping of the plates, tree effect from the sulfation, posible shorting of the plates as they warp.

Adding de-ionised water won't bring it back to life, and adding the sulphuric acid back in and then attempting to recharge it could be dangerous...

Always store a lead acid fully charged, giving it a trickle charge every few months.

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