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Irons we'd love to play/hit

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Tue 19th Feb 2013 20:44 | Last Reply

Owen recently took the Adams Idea CMB Irons out to review, fantastic looking clubs. Just wish I was able to hit them!

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Wed 20th Feb 2013 20:52

The irons ive got .

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Thu 21st Feb 2013 16:05

Wow Terry, brave choice of irons. Owen plays off +1 and thinks they are for better players. I have tried the top end Titliest mb's and more recently bought the 712 ap 2s with the s 300 shafts that Owen has. I find the heads very unforgiving on off centre strikes. Forged blades or mb's are indeed lovely in the hands of good players but they definately don't fill me with confidence. I hope you get on with them, but you will improve quicker with more forgiving cavity backs for what my opinion is worth.

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Thu 21st Feb 2013 17:09

I disagree, Tim, life before cavity backs ensured that progress in the game was far greater than it is today. Everyone who learned by playing blades became pretty good players.

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Thu 21st Feb 2013 18:44

I now have 2 sets of Ping Ansers, 2012 and 2013 and my trusty I15's. Ansers are just waiting for a sunny day and a Pro v1x. Oh and tee shirt weather of course. Or Tay shirt if you are a member of Sandwell Park!!!

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Mon 11th Mar 2013 15:34

I agree with John. If you play with blades then they will definatly give you live feedback as to how you are striking the ball. Clearly they won't immediatly improve your score as cavity backs will but they will definatly help to improve your game long term. Provided of course you are comitted to improving!

For the casual or social golfer I'd go for the most forgiving club you can find and make the game as easy and enjoyable as you can.

Personally I use Miura CB501's arguably the best forgings on the planet (at a price!) and provide me with the look and feel of a blade at address but with the added forgiveness of a cavity back. I had them custome fitted and I no longer need to bother looking at anything else. For me they are as good as it gets and a design that has been around for years

Either way I would highly reccomend getting fitted for your bats. Like a good suit they will last you for as long as you can keep your waistline intact!

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Mon 11th Mar 2013 16:49

I agree with you Sean, Miura is the best forging house in Japan and forged my Maruman Conductor Pro's which I used for 28 years. They are now owned by my good friend Dave Ley and he has never altered any of them to this day. Only the Japanese can make a golf club worth playing with.

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Mon 11th Mar 2013 18:28

Does that mean my Mitsushibas fit the bill?

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Mon 11th Mar 2013 19:04

I am quite sure they do, Michael. When will people learn that being ripped off by something made in China is never going to stop by upgrading every year and thereby feeding the chain. Golf equipment is being churned out with ridiculous claims to keep the marketing hype going.

Forged irons are indeed the best as they give an element of feel that cast irons just do not have.

re: Irons we'd love to play/hit
Reply : Tue 12th Mar 2013 12:34

I suppose it depends on what you want.

Do you want that nice feeling of puring a ball out of the middle of a forged iron or do you want to get around the golf course in as few shots as possible?

Would be nice to do both but very rare in these days!

I played golf the other week in a Tay shirt, a distance memory compared to the last few!!

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