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Golf Travel Bags

Posted by: user452936 | Sun 3rd Feb 2013 20:12 | Last Reply


Looking for some feedback from some of the well travelled members of this forum if possible. I am due to play a few rounds in Spain later in the year and I am torn whether or not to take my sticks with me. Personally I would prefer to as I know where I am with them but put off by spending a large amount of money on a hardcased box to take them in. I have seen a few cheaper alternatives such as canvas travel bags and wondered if these provide adequate protection from over zealous baggage personnel at airports?

Thanks in advance!

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 21:04

Taken my clubs many times in a zip up padded canvas style bab and never had any problem i also use a couple of towels inside the to pof the bag as extra padding

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 22:24

I concur with Ken. Have taken my clubs in a padded canvas bag on many occasions and had no problems. I also use a couple of towels interwoven between the irons to prevent metal on metal.

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 22:25

I use the canvas travel bag as well with no problems, as Ken says, use some towels for extra padding.

I've also hired clubs while away and I wouldn't do it again, takes too long to get used to them

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Mon 4th Feb 2013 08:27

My coach told me that soft bags are better than hard ones now as have a lot more padding than they used to so advised me to get soft.

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Mon 4th Feb 2013 13:06

Top tip - put your golf socks on your irons. Protects them and also conserves space in your luggage.

If you travel with an airline that takes golf clubs for free then putting your heavy items in your golf bag also works a treat. When I go to NZ I always stick books and other heavy stuff in the side pockets of my golf bag.

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Mon 4th Feb 2013 18:29

The other option you have is to hire clubs in spain. I used & had a set of Taylormade R11 clubs for a week. The clubs were ready to go when I arrived, were in excellent condition & cost Euro50 for a week. This was less than half the cost that Flybe wanted to transport my own clubs.

I have no connection with this company other than as a satisfied customer.

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Tue 5th Feb 2013 10:27

Garry, 6 months ago I travelled too Portugal. I used a well know brand travel bag at a great price it was perfect. In the past I have hired clubs and found myself spending a lot more money, without noticing. I would day, look around to see if you can find a well padded bag for your clubs.

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Tue 5th Feb 2013 12:32

Garry, If this will be a regular occurrence then I would invest in a well padded travel bag. I wouldn't get the hard cased one's as there really bulky & you might have trouble the other end trying to get them to fit in a car.

I have had this one for over 5 years & never had any damage to clubs & it's showing no signs of wear or tear

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Tue 5th Feb 2013 14:02

I used a padded soft travel bag to Tenerife In September,and had no problems whatsoever, I would definitely recommend a soft padded bag

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Wed 6th Feb 2013 19:53

Thanks ladies and gents, I will invest in a canvas travel bag, oh and plenty of towels!

re: Golf Travel Bags
Reply : Thu 7th Feb 2013 05:54

use your clothes to pad it out less dead weight and more stuff to wear as iam on the algarve 2013 trip at the mo lol hope the weather is ok back in uk dont want to come back

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