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Swing Shirt - what are your thoughts ?

Posted by: user8 [FORUM MODERATOR] | Fri 1st Feb 2013 14:10 | Last Reply

New game improvement product, looks technically sounds but dividing opinion

re: Swing Shirt - what are your thoughts ?
Reply : Fri 1st Feb 2013 17:28

As with all golf aids, if it works it will sell, if it doesn't , it'll die a death.

I've been playing for a few years and one of the big problems I have had falls into this category. I've taken an age to catch on to the 'triangle' & occasionally lose the plot with it. All of the write-ups seem to be cribbed straight from the company's press release, so idependent review is needed. However... If you need someone to test drive one give me shout.

As for buying one... not until they have a distributor on this side of the the pond! Having a link for them on ebay, shows a reasonable price for the item of 37 but postage of another 26 to have it sent from the States

So far, the best training aid I have is a length of drainpipe which I use to remind myself to keep a straighter leading arm... 3.50 from B & Q! I think that the biggest indication of how effective a golf training aid is can be found at Pro shops & golfing supermarkets where they won't keep anything that is a poor seller... very few aids seen!

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