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leaky golf shoes!

Posted by: user90905 | Tue 29th Jan 2013 16:17 | Last Reply

Does anyone else get naffed off throwing a perfectly good pair of shoes in the bin because the liner/membrane has chafed and they let water in?(usually just after the warranty expires!). I've tried various dubbin's,waxes etc but have found that once the liner is worn that's it. The two longest lasting pairs i've owned had leather/synthetic liners. These liner/membranes seem to suit golf shoe manufacturers more than golfers! That's it rant over.

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 19:56

Tried various makes of shoe over the years, can't beat Footjoys, never any problems, dry as a bone. Prices not bad either! Bought 3 pairs of top of the range adidas shoe, look cool but poor water resistance, the souls split & eventually even the leather seems to come apart? Only lasted me one season each set, also shrank which hurt my feet, spoke to the shop & manufacturer, waste of space!

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 20:07

always sprayed mine with fabrisil waterproofer, never leaked on me yet and been through some real wet stuff lately.

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 20:43

Unfortunately had to bin a pair of Footjoys recently which had given up the ghost after 4 years of pretty hard use (playing all year round) because they'd started to come apart on one of the seams. That's more to do with the shape of my feet than the shoes, the other pair I bought at exactly the same time (but half size bigger) are still going strong. They've never leaked, and the only maintenance they get are a thorough clean with good quality shoe polish after being allowed to dry out naturally.

Which is why buying two pairs at a time is a good idea....

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 21:02

4 yrs! wow, will have to give footjoys a closer look in future. I have binned two pairs of adidas, a callaway and a nike pair over the last few years all still in really good nick externally but with holes in the liners. It just seems strange that football boots,climbing boots even workboots all stay dry due to the uppers alone being waterproof!

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 21:09

well , u say footjoys ,,me and my mate started golf at the same time 3, 1/2 yrs ago , he got footjoys , i got DUNLOPS ,,his pee in water mine r great , i have just got some new 1 for 2013 but again got dunlops 26 , have that ,,,

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Tue 29th Jan 2013 21:13

Try Waterproof socks. Not kidding product called Sealskins. come in different varieties,

light/medium/thick to suit the conditions. not cheap but much better option than throwing perfectly good shoes away.

Try a good outdoor/camping shop. Found them to be fantastic. perfectly dry feet all the time

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Thu 31st Jan 2013 00:59

Footjoys are your last stop shop if you want years of waterproof. I had AquaLites for 3 years without any leakage. Bought some Adidas Samba last year and so far so good with them. See how they get on this year.

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Thu 31st Jan 2013 12:18

Just taken my 11 month old Adidas Tour 360's back to the shop I got them from because they had started leaking. Got a phone call the following day saying Adidas had offered to replace them with no quibble, but as they didn't make the same model anymore would I like some new Adizero Tour instead. Although they leaked, I do think I got good support from the manufacturer

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Thu 31st Jan 2013 13:04

Result! Good to hear that the manufacturer has honoured their guarantee. Perhaps I'm just unlucky but mine always seem to last just past the guarantee! Did you notice any holes in the liner/membrane by the way?

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Thu 31st Jan 2013 23:02

No, nothing. Shop didn't even have to send them back for inspection. Played a really wet course over Christmas and they got really wet inside. I thought the standing water had come in from over the sides but the next time I wore them they got wet inside again. Seems the extremely wet conditions just overcame and ruined the waterproofing

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 20:53

Out of curiosity how long would you expect a pair of golf shoes to last?

I tend to buy Footjoys most of the time, from greenjoys to dryjoy pros.

The dryjoy pros lasted about 3 years but were about 120. the greenjoys around 40 last about 12-18 months.

I have tried Nike and Addias but they don't seem to last as long.

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 21:43

Two or three seasons if well looked after as mine are. It just seems regardless of price that mine seem to last just over a year if they have liners that wear out. The two longest lasting have been a stuburt pair (30) for three seasons and a pair of callaways that lasted two years. Both pairs had plain leather/synthetic linings and have been much more durable than other more exspensive brands.

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 22:20

I stick to the greenjoys now as their not too bad to replace every season/ season and a half.

I did look after the more expensive dryjoys a bit better though

re: leaky golf shoes!
Reply : Sun 3rd Feb 2013 22:24

I bought myself a pair of Stubert golf boots and use them all through the winter.

Save my good golf shoes for the summer months!

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