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Seveday 2012

Posted by: user370574 | Tue 11th Sep 2012 15:33 | Last Reply

Hi, this is my first post on here. I started playing golf about 1 1/2 years ago and currently play off 28. I've just started to play to this handicap scoring around 34-36 points with my highest point scoring being 37. I came across this seveday competition and entered even though it was a maximum handicap of 24 as it was a good cause. I scored 34 points which I thought was ok. I never expected to reach the final but when they posted the top 72 scores I was astounded to find the top person somebody called S.Varma scored 62 points. Is this even possible?? I don't mind not getting to the final but feel a little cheated by people who are entering scores of 45 plus. Am I right to feel cheated?? Or are scores like this possible by genuine honest people?? And what's the highest points total that people have heard of?? The full list of winners is below with most of the scores I see as acceptable honest scores. Thanks Name Score S Varma 62 T Caplehorn 55 B Prewett 50 P Calver 49 G Herbert 46 J Quinn 46 M Yourell 46 M Potts 46 A Sayer 45 Pending 45 P Bocking 45 A Hook 45 M Pidgeley 45 N Duggan 45 D Vickery 45 P Walker 45 A Cooper 44 A Fosh 44 A Daley 44 M Harriman 44 C Kelly 44 C Roberts 44 I King 44 Pending 44 G Kelly 44 S Revell 44 R Werhun 44 R Smith 44 S Hart 44 G Thrower 44 J Willis 43 C Rex 43 D Blake 43 D Murphy 43 D Harries 43 K Watts 43 G Brown 43 J Cooper 43 J Wood 43 J Darcy 43 J Spencer 43 M Gill 43 R Wise 43 M Livett 43 S Campling 43 S Watson 43 T Gold 43 A Bisby 42

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 15:59

Welcome to the world of the cheats, of which there are many in this game of ours.

Mr Varma obviously played off of 24 , but actually played to a standard of a plus 2 handicapper. Not possible I'm afraid. Even your last man on 42 points is six shots better than his handicap and is classed as a bandit in my eyes. Looks as though the whole field consisted of Pot hunters.

No way would I accept these as honest acceptable scores.

Last edit : Tue 11th Sep 2012 16:00
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 16:13

62 points, surely this isn't a stableford competition!

Leaderboard here:


re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 16:15

I can accept 44 maybe 45 as I've seen this at my club a few times from low handicappers who play and hand their cards in every week in every competition and just have a one off outstanding game where everything goes right for them. But 62 is a joke. I don't understand people who do this. I'm a little embarrassed at playing off 28 and scoring 37 points as I feel I should have been cut but that's just me. I suppose I better get used to people like this getting rewarded for cheating, where as I work and practice hard with no reward

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 16:28

Great idea and for a great cause, competition seems slightly flawed though.

Can we all just presume that the winners all played courses with relatively low SSSs ? difficult to compare scores from different courses.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 16:41

The rules were that you could play any course in Europe. When you played you had to give the name of the person you played with so they could confirm your score. I suppose that sets it up for cheats who want to make the final but they must realise 62 points is ridiculous with anything above 45 debatable??

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 17:53

TRULY RIDICULOUS !!!!!! Who is possibly capable of shooting 26 shots better than their handicap, even on an amazing day !!!! That would be a mere 17 under for me then !!!

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 19:39

Its all been said before, Anyone can have a storming day. When Tiger or rory score a 62 they get 46 stablford points. Normally in alot of societies I have played with about 30-40 entries, 40 or 41 pts is ussual. the bigger group of golfers involved then that top # will go up. BUT 62 is a JOKE. I hope there has been a clerical error otherwise the whole thing stinks. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 20:58

Sevé as been a hero of mine since I was a child I even share the same birthday as him which now reminds me of his sad departure every year. I was gutted when he died and earlier this year I managed to drive the 10th at The Belfry following in his shoes, I was on cloud 9!

When I saw this competition I entered it straight away (in July) and I entered my best score of 37 points. The competition then extended the qualifying period to include August and after I scored a fantastic score of 43 points at Ramsdale Park at the CGL Summer Open I then entered this score. My scorecard was filled in by another player and I played in a threeball so two players witnessed my score.

I got the fantastic news today that I had qualified and this for me will probably be my greatest experience in golf, i don’t care how well I do on the day I just count myself lucky that my efforts secured me a place at Seve Day 2012.

I agree with all the above comments, the highest scores I have seen in our society days must be 43 or 44 nothing higher than that springs to mind.

The organisers have had considerable feedback today regarding the top scores. Let us hope they take the appropriate action bearing in mind the prize for the winner on the day is a VIP trip to The Masters next year…..

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 21:18

Congratulations John, I'm pleased for you. I'm not disappointed at not reaching the final. As I play off 28 scoring 34 points off a maximum handicap of 24 I was just pleased at that. But after seeing the scores there will be a lot of better players were honest with their score who had a chance to be at the final, who now won't be because of people who think its ok to blatantly cheat. From what I can gather from the email I've recievied from seveday they've verified all the scores and this is going to be allowed to stand! Which in my honest opinion makes a mockery of the competition and the game that I love.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 21:29

I agree Andrew, i didn't think my initial 37 points would make the final but it was all for a good cause anyway i could only hope that all players entered honest scores.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 22:46

Well done john avery credible 43 pts deserves to be in. Ive had a look on the site and it looks like a fantastic day out at the belfry. ( played there afew years ago but didnt do it justice ). Even better day at the masters for the winner. Good luck to all the "honest" partisipants. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 09:44

Well done John, great score! and especially whilst competing in your society Open.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 10:51

Statement from the organisers

Dear Seve Day participants,

As you will have no doubt seen the leader board of the top 72 scores for Seve Day have now been announced for the final at The Belfry next month.

Since publishing this list we have had a number of emails from players querying some of the scores at the top of the leader board which appear particularly high, this is something that we have looked into and can confirm that all scores have been officially verified with the playing partners of those individuals as well as their golf clubs where possible.

We are shortly going to be opening discussions with a handful of players about making adjustments to their handicap for the final in light of these scores.

Seve Day is first and foremost a charity initiative, and we are grateful to every one of you who has signed up to take part and helped us to raise close to £35,000 for the Seve Ballesteros Foundation. We are fully aware however that for participants the opportunity to compete at the world famous Brabazon Course at The Belfry for a trip to the 2013 US Masters is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so are taking steps to ensure a level playing field.

We are keen to ensure that the integrity of Seve Day is not compromised, after all this fine sport is one that is built on honesty and sportsmanship. Whilst we have taken every possible measure to ensure a clear and transparent scoring system, it is always going to be impossible to completely guarantee the validity of every score and handicap.

Whilst restricting scorecards to those only submitted in registered club competitions would have provided a greater control over the scoring, this would have also made Seve Day inaccessible for non-club members and those unable to make it for a club competition.

By opening up the competition to scores submitted from any round, we were able to make Seve Day accessible to more golfers and raise many more thousands of pounds for the Seve Ballesteros Foundation.

For those of you who have reached the final we would like to extend our congratulations to you and wish you the very best of luck for the big day, and those that missed out we thank you once again for your support in carrying on Seve’s legacy.

Yours faithfully,

Your Seve Day Team

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 11:52

So basically, 62 points is allowed to stand and it doesn't matter if you cheat because you'll be rewarded by having a great day out. Makes me wonder why I bother sometimes. I'd like to know how and what handicap Mr/Mrs S Varma plays off on the day! Because if it's 24 that's a free trip for them. This has really brought down what should have been a good competition and prize for a very good charity

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 17:24

An interesting topic, it is also currently being discussed at http://forums.golf-monthly.co.uk/showthread.php?45368-SeveDay-Are-They-Bandits

Well worth a read,the "winner" has been posting on a social networking site too.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 19:05

I went to the site and what is revealed is the winner is a woman aged 44 with a 28 handicap whom has previously broke 80. Her entry score was gross 76, Net48 62 pts. The round itself looks legit for a good player. 2 or 3 birdies. lots of pars and the rest a few bogies. A round most of us would dream of. However the fact she is playing off 28 is not right. Whats the fastest land mammal? Dave CAC handed Geordie.

Last edit : Wed 12th Sep 2012 23:59
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 12th Sep 2012 19:15

Disqualified now anyway.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Thu 13th Sep 2012 00:06

And so say all of us. Why bother, Look at yourself. Golfers are an honest bunch who call fouls on themselves. If you are gunna cheat play something else. The bandits always get found out. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Thu 13th Sep 2012 13:17

Extract taken from the Golf Monthly thread

"Some correspondance on her page ,,,,

following dozens of phone calls, sms, linkedin messages and facebook comments about “why have I been disqualified from the Seve Day golf final?” – it is because: “Dear Shanu, Thank you for your email regarding your score of 62 Stableford points. As you know there has been some concern about the score you submitted for a number of weeks but your explanation would appear to resolve the matter. It is with regret, however, that we have come to the conclusion to disqualify you from the competition on the grounds that you submitted an incorrect score as well as playing the event in the wrong format, which was clearly a singles competition. The deadline for submitting scores has now passed so I am afraid you would be unable to re-enter the competition. I am extremely sorry but we feel we have no other option. We have gone to great lengths over the previous weeks to unravel how it was someone could record 62 Stableford points. I have emailed your playing partner, spoken to both you and Sale Golf Club on a number of occasions and it is only now that the mistake has come to light. I appreciate that it was an entirely honest mistake but this is a charity competition and we must therefore be seen to operate with complete transparency, in the best interest of the sport and in the memory of Seve’s ongoing legacy. Thank you very much for your support. Regards, The Seve Day Team.” Yesterday I received an email from the competition organiser, I had queried the card as it said 62 points, and sent Seve Day an email: “It is quite embarrassing the competitions organiser has just rung to clarify that the card that was submitted was in fact for 2 players, the format of the competition was ”stableford choose partners.” They had worked out my score as being 44 points and my playing partner scoring 18 points, thus resulting in a total combined stableford score of 62 points. Do you wish me to submit a corrected score card? Shanu” Having received the disqualification email I sent a further email to them: “Hi Rupert Sorry sent from my phone and accidentally pressed send before could finish it. Thankyou for your email – in the email (below) you have put that I was disqualified due to“playing the event in the wrong format” but there is a message on the site which says that you opened up the competition to scores “submitted from any round”- so I don’t understand how this can be used in order to disqualify me. I would like you to reconsider in the light of the following: 1) was an honest mistake 2) my club has confirmed of the 62 points I scored 44 3) you have a number of players who are playing off 44 so I would be happy to play off a score of 44 as well I feel that this solution would maintain the integrity of the competition Shanu Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device” "

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Thu 13th Sep 2012 13:31

You couldn't make it up.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Thu 13th Sep 2012 17:40

I'm sure Seve will look down and say much the same thing as John P.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 3rd Oct 2012 11:39

The whole thing is a disgrace, it would be better for the organisers to DQ anything above 46 as they are completely wrong. This is especially true when you look at what Europes Ryder Cup team just did in Seves name. Whatever happens I hope that Golfshake or one of the national magazines takes steps to publish details of the players with the 46+ scores so that everyone knows who they are, as we already know what they are.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 3rd Oct 2012 18:01

40 and above is just indicating that the player in question has a false handicap. The game is littered with them and there is very little any of us can do about it.,

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 3rd Oct 2012 18:04

Tom Im on your side of the fence but if you had a limit of 46 pts then all the "cheats" would be returning 46 pts. We are all capable on a blinding day of scoring 11 under our handicap. A 28 handicaper who is improving can on his day shoot 46 pts although very rare. The very nature of golf is built on honesty and integrity and one has to take the word of anyones handicap. The only way to avoid this is making everyone produce a CONGU cert on arrival although this can be "fixed " if a player really wants to do it. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

Last edit : Wed 3rd Oct 2012 18:06
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Wed 3rd Oct 2012 18:11

FAO John Spencer. As you are going to the Seveday. Can you do some sort of blog on the experience of the day? Would be a great insight. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 00:58

With reference to John Pettitts coment about the 'the last man' on 42 pts, that man is me. I am a member of a club and have CONGU handicap which was 21 at the time I submitted my score for Seveday,. The score I entered was scored during a club competition and is a genuine score. More recent scores have been 4-6 shots worse, on the day I just had a good day on the course, unfortunately I didn't win the competition, I was runner up on count back, I got beaten by a fellow member playing off 28. I am not a 'Bandit' and I do not enter false scores on my cards. Could Mr Pettitt tell me what handicap I should be playing off.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 06:53

Ha Ha Allan you are a bandit and so is Luke Donald, after all last year in the last round of the Disney Classic Luke 'Bandit' Donald hit 12 pars followed by a run of 6 birdies.

Playing off stableford scoring system off with a scratch handicap this would have given Luke 42 points (24 points for the first 12 holes + 18 points for the last 6 holes = 42 points), the little Bandit or did he have one of those days on the course when everything clicks together?

Last edit : Sat 20th Oct 2012 06:55
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 09:22

Mr Bisby. perhaps it would be better if you yourself told me what you think your handicap should be, playing six shots below your handicap is, in my eyes, a very large amount.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 09:48

Six shots under, for any high handicapper is achievable on that once a year "good day" - its the 55 (19 inder his handicap) and 50 (14 under his handicap) the 49 (13 under his handicap) that are the real cause for concern here, 42... which is about 8 under is not wrong for a high handicapper.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 10:49

Well done Allan, great to see that you made it through and there are 2 Golfshake members playing.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 19:32

Thanks Spenner, it's very nice of you to compare me to the great Luke Donald.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 20:52

It is you and your ilk who should be doing the apologising for blatant cheating.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sat 20th Oct 2012 22:32

Gary, congrats on qualifying to the final day. It looks like an event not to be missed. On your round of 46 pts I take it you shot Gross 1 under par off 9 hcap. If you read my previous posts you will see I was only sceptical on that 62 pts and other high scores we ( I ) take as honest.How did the round go ? Everything went great? 3 or 4 long lucky putts dropped ? Couldnt do a thing wrong ? You played on a very easy course ? In 150 rounds I have on golf shake My highest points in one round is 43pts (twice ). But as I said previous, increase that sample to 1000s then the top score will increase to mid high 40s. What was your feeling going up 15 knowing SH*T ive already got 38 pts in the bag already? ( hypothesising ). Best of luck to all the finalists and have a great day. Dave CAC handed Geordie.

Last edit : Sat 20th Oct 2012 22:39
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 09:45

So, now it comes out, you were a lower handicap player, I just love you guys, how a victory under those circumstances can count for anything, I just do not know.

One of the handicap protectors pot hunting.

Amazing that you and I cannot seem to manage these wonderful scores, Dave,

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 12:01

Or he didn't enter comps or put in 3 scores in 12 months and let his handicap lapse. Then renew his handicap with 3 higher scores ! I played against a player who was a scratch golfer but let his handicap lapse then got a new handicap playing off 10 only one reason for that isn't there ?

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 13:56

This may have been answered already but I'm interested to know if the players had to declare before they tee'd off that this was the particular round that was to be entered in the Seve day competition?

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 18:04

Removed by moderator

You're entitled to your opinion John, but that was libelous and as the carrier Golfshake could be held accountable. I'm sure you you understand this was the reason it was removed. If you wish to post such an accusation it must be stated that it is your opinion

Last edit : Sun 21st Oct 2012 18:56
re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 18:50

JP - skipped most of the content but would argue with you that 42 points has to be bandit country 9 times out of 10 maybe when you played 6 or seven shots under your handicap over countless years did you regard yourself as a bandit or perhaps you are one of these consistent golfers who doesn't understand these kind of margins that do quite legitimately exist in the real world !!! Come on John give us an answere to that one you old rogue you !

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 21st Oct 2012 23:02

Colin, we have both been around this game a long while and the only players really entitled to shoot below par on a consistent basis are those who can really play the game, like the top amateur and the professional player.

The rest of us mere mortals have to exist with a handicap system that has been shown to be lacking in achieving the level playing field that handicaps are supposed to produce. Nowadays every competition throughout this land is littered with the kind of scores that this thread has been started with. In fact, if Seve were here, he would be completely disillusioned with the whole idea of it, a competition for bandits.

What is the real travesty, is that a person honestly believes that playing nine under ones handicap should not warrant any form of dissent by fellow players and then has the audacity to look for support amongst his fellow friends who up until now have never bothered to post on this forum.

It would also appear that the truth has hurt, hence the moderation of a fact.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 09:03

I'm of the belief that anyone category two and over is quite capable of playing six shots below their handicap, Cat 2 players and above tend to have one part of their game which can go from good to shambles on any given day. Of course it's easierr for a 28 handicapper to do this rather than someone off 5. Yesterday I lost at least 7 shots due to duff straight forward chips shots on five occassions taking four or more to get down from 30 yards and in (really on a par four you are thinking about birdies from that distance and a par at least). Had that not happened I would have carded a score well below my 11 handicap. I played Sat and got three birdies?? Regarding those that manipulate their handicap. You know who you are and what you are doing. Why do you do it? Don't believe for one minute that people around you don't know what's going on, they do and they think you're a t*at.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 09:13

I've posted this before but worthwhile adding in the mix. I know of at least 2 clubs (2 instances) that have ignored a new members previous club handicap and just issued a brand new handicap off 3 submitted cards! Both instances have seen the handicap go up by considerable shots.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 10:23

Adrian, the facts are nine under ones handicap in a single round of golf and the belief by players like yourself that this is normal. Perhaps you could answer why this particular round has not shown the handicap reduction it warranted as the player in question is still showing the same handicap.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 12:13

Well, Gary, as long as you are amused that's fine by me. I doubt you lose very often.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 12:49

There is a lot of 'bandit' talk going about. I see that two of the CGL players, Allan Bisby and John Spencer have qualified (well done lads). Having played with both on many occasions both in competition and friendly knock abouts I am not surprised at their scores. They both have had their fair share of 30 points and lower (I wont go into too much detail about how low to save red faces).

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 17:21

24 medal rounds, just hearsay until we see it in writing on this website. I always back up my claims by posting proof.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 18:40

Well let's put it another way to both Adrian and you, Gary. You have suddenly arrived on this site just to attempt to get support for your extraordinary round at a Seve Day event. I should imagine you were very surprised when you came in thinking that you had a great chance of victory, only to find that there quite a few who were even more of a bandit on the day, than you.

It seems to me that the event was set up pretty poorly and was left wide open for some obvious abuse.

No matter how you try and evade the question, you shot a score that should never have come from a properly handicapped player. It is obvious to me that anyone who can shoot under par has tremendous ability and to be masquerading under a handicap such as yours is not a fair and even level playing field for you future opponents.

I would be interested to know the course you supposedly played for this miracle round.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 21:22

It would appear that this competition was open to all and sundry and the organisers hoped that fellow golfers integrity would ensure that what actually happened, wouldn't happen. History, now of course, the bubble has been burst.

In respect of your club, just curiosity on my part seeing as we are in the same area of BB & O. The only difference would be the degree of difficulty your course might have presented.

Good luck next week, but it looks as though it will be a tough ask.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 21:35

I will tell the sour JP that your home course is Chiltern Forest and that you are a completely genuine CONGU handicapped player who has played regularly in qualifiers and his qualifying score was in a normal club qualifier, without any question from you, John.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 21:40

I am a member at Caversham Heath Golf club, not ideal for me because of my age and current abilities, but it is local and is an excellent winter course, enabling me to play through the winter.

I play in every competition and go up .1 almost every time although sometimes I manage to keep in the buffer.

This is last Sundays stableford and as you will see, the vast majority of the players do not play to their handicap or even near to it but the system does not let them go up quick enough.

Week End Stableford Competition (Qualifier) Sunday 21st October 2012, White Tees, Caversham Heath

All Results Division One Division Two Division Three Results Points CSS 73/75 1st Neil Duguid(18) 41
2nd Gareth Ford(12) 41
3rd Malcolm Scanlon(7) 40
4th Chris Stacey(14) 39
5th Julie Daniels(15) 39
6th Ian Gaff(19) 39
7th Ian Traynor(8) 38
8th Sheila Evans(31) 37
9th Anne Smith(10) 37
10th Gerry Rogers(11) 37
11th Luis Mesquita(12) 37
12th Stuart Webb(10) 37
13th Keith Hedges(19) 36
14th David Stankard(6) 36
15th Deborah Harris(23) 36
16th Christopher Bennett(16) 35
17th Neil Ruegg(15) 35
18th James Murphy(8) 35
19th Stephen Girling(21) 35
20th Chris Maddison(3) 35
21st Robert Payne(23) 35
22nd Hollis Boisson(6) 35
23rd Gareth Goodall(7) 35
24th Lynne Rumbold(17) 34
25th David Holloway(13) 34
26th Mike Capaldi(8) 34
27th Daniel Dover(20) 34
28th Duncan Mee(15) 34
29th Jodi Wood(14) 34
30th Steve Streak(15) 33
31st Andrew Parker(9) 33
32nd Kevin Iley(16) 33
33rd Stephen Bickell(10) 33
34th Curt Van Eyck(7) 33
35th Philip Wise(15) 33
36th Dave Williams(5) 33
37th Adam Minnett(10) 33
38th Stephen Thumwood(15) 33
39th John Pettitt(21) 33
40th Gareth Williams(9) 33
41st Geoff Parlour(17) 33
42nd Richard Woolven-Allen(14) 33
43rd Steve Wright(23) 32
44th Andrew Thompson(12) 32
45th Sam Weller(10) 32
46th Gary King(19) 32
47th Ian Roostan(6) 32
48th Caroline Dover(33) 31
49th Simon Ingoldby(7) 31
50th Michael Greslow(10) 31
51st Steven Chambers(14) 31
52nd Issy Wiggins Turner(21) 31
53rd Kieron Anderson(12) 31
54th Steven Plyler(4) 31
55th Scott Munro(13) 31
56th Alec Hone(16) 31
57th Richard Serrano(9) 30
58th Mark McClusky(16) 30
59th Paul Tate(13) 30
60th Russell Higgs(5) 30
61st Kenny Price(12) 30
62nd Wayne Oliver(18) 29
63rd Glen Dudman(21) 29
64th David Brittain(16) 29
65th Kevin Whiting(14) 29
66th Conor Kavanagh(9) 28
67th Javier Dieguez(17) 28
68th Jane Weller(22) 28
69th Thomas Heyes(11) 28
70th Allison Addison(27) 27
71st Jeremy Marcham(12) 27
72nd Barry Reynolds(16) 27
73rd Simon Escourt(12) 27
74th Adam Dandridge(28) 26
75th Peter Bishop(12) 26
76th Mark Russell(28) 26
77th Mark Stenning(19) 26
78th John Jaros(15) 26
79th Manjit Sandhu(15) 25
80th Suzanne Snow(29) 25
81st Alan Carter(17) 24
82nd David Northmore(23) 24
83rd Neil Scott(14) 24
84th Margaret Deighan(30) 24
85th Stephen Mckenzie(17) 23
86th James Wise(21) 23
87th Simon Hargrave(6) 23
88th Colin Leighton(13) 22
89th Alan Kennealy(27) 20
DQ Mark Jeyasingh(15) DQ Score Card not Submitted DQ Justin Macdonald-Spiers(13) DQ Score Card not Submitted 92nd Chris Parker(15) WD

© 2011 Caversham Heath Golf Club / Mapledurham, Reading, RG4 7UT / 0118 947 8600

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 21:43

James Taylor, I am quite sure that Gary does not need you to fight his corner, any comment you have to make is of no consequence to me whatsoever.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 22:16

It looks as though our individual abilities are more suited to each others course. Mine is a 1000 yards longer than yours 1250 yards when the blues are used, and I just cannot cope with its length. Looks very nice though and fairly tight by the looks of it. Just up my street.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Mon 22nd Oct 2012 22:34

I did play at Mapledurham when I first moved to the Reading area but it was very short and no real test so I joined Crown golf at Sherfield Oaks golf club and got a 13 handicap, which was quite surprising seeing as I was starting again at 70 after an 8 year recuperation from my heart problems. Since then of course I have moved to Caversham Heath and go up .1 almost every time I play, yet for my enjoyment I play with my low handicap friends off their drives and can usually end up beating them, off level of course, as I have a pretty rock solid short game.

In fact I have not had a handicap cut for 55 years, just a steady decline as the years have rolled by but grateful at 75 to still get out on the course.

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 23rd Oct 2012 11:47

I would like to add my good wishes to Gary and the others. Clearly this event has flaws but I would congratulate Gary on the manner in which he has endured some rather harsh and undeserved criticism. A true gentleman clearly!

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 4th Nov 2012 16:02

Well done guys taking part.

Results are now online:


re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Sun 4th Nov 2012 17:08

Wow joint first ! well done Gary, Why didn't they have a play off?

re: Seveday 2012
Reply : Tue 6th Nov 2012 08:39

It was a good day i was in 3rd place on 27 points with three holes to play. Unfortunately those were 17th, 18th and 1st and i made a right balls up of them and blobbed all three! Good day though and met some nice folk...

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