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"In the hole!!" American Idiots

Posted by: user488639 | Mon 10th Sep 2012 08:45 | Last Reply

I enjoyed watching Rory and Lee playing the final round of the BMW PGA at Crooked Stick Golf Club last night on Sky. However can't abide these american tw*ts shouting "IN THE HOLE!!" all the time!

Don't they realise that they just make themselves and their countrymen appear total morons to the rest of the world watching?

Perhaps if Barack Obama gets re-elected he could intorduce the death penalty for these people!

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Mon 10th Sep 2012 10:10

They shout it to get heard on TV so they can show off to their mates. That is why it has moved on from 'in the hole' to more weird stuff - so they stand out more. Perhaps if they practised their golf more they could be on TV for a slightly more deserving reason.

T'other half also thinks it is down to very cheap tickets to watch these events. You get lots of people there just to drink beer and try and get heard on telly rather than proper golf fans. If they made the tickets the same price as at The Open half the people wouldn't go - just the ones who thought the golf was worth it.

Do they shout 'in the hole' at Augusta? Cos that is pricy and very restricted.

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Mon 10th Sep 2012 12:54

really looking forward to the ryder cup in a couple of weeks, but i am afraid it will be with the sound turned off unless the tv guys can come up with somethink to mute the sound like make it open season for MORON SHOOTING i will just have to suffer in silence

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Mon 10th Sep 2012 14:08

I heard some well known golf shouts watching last night: "Baloney Pizza" "Mashed Potato" "Woah Momma"

One of these days, a golfer will have enough and 'mishit' a ball...

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Mon 10th Sep 2012 15:46

I kind it funny, Tiger standing on the tee of a 600yrd par 5 and the crowd shout 'In the Hole', IMO just shows how knowledgeable the yanks are.

Me, I shout it once in a blue moon when my mate stands on the par 3 first, always get a little chuckle

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Tue 11th Sep 2012 12:19

It's daft as a brush, annoying for the pro's, but watching at home it's hilarious.

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Fri 14th Sep 2012 16:42

re-"Baloney Pizza" "Mashed Potato" "Woah Momma"

i actually heard someone with a west country accent shout "roast potatoes" whilst at the open this year everyone looked around in disgust but nothing was done maybe the stewards should be removing these idiots then the tv comentators could report this and maybe try to discourage the morons in future.

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Tue 18th Sep 2012 16:57

American sports fans are twats full stop, no matter what sport they are watching.

re: "In the hole!!" American Idiots
Reply : Sat 29th Sep 2012 21:16

It is amazing that after 20 years of playing this game some nice chap in the States tells me what I should be trying to do! Idiots

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