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What are the odds ????

Posted by: user689 | Tue 24th Jul 2012 22:06 | Last Reply

I was having a round of golf on Saturday at Dewstow in chepstow. It was a lovely day but i was stuggling to hit my driver on this tight course. I get to the 11th tee and decide i have had enough of my slice and take my 4 iron out and leave my bag to the right of the tee box next to my partners bag and a buggy., just about where anyone would leave theirs. When my partner teed off he sliced his tee shot and not only hit my bag, but hit my G20 driver just below the head cover snapping it in two. Gutted! 13 clubs in the bag and missed them all and there is less than an inch exposed outside the headcover and bag. the break was so clean it looked like it had been hack sawed not a splinter. Its gone to ping for a new shaft, discuss!!

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