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Club or Golfshake Handicap

Posted by: user130832 | Sat 16th Jun 2012 14:15 | Last Reply

Hey guys, many of you have got a club handicap and a Golfshake handicap which are different. Tell me, which do you use and when?

Do you use golfshake for all your cards and your club one only for rounds at that club.

I thought that it was compulsory to put all your cards into your club no matter where you play.

re: Club or Golfshake Handicap
Reply : Sat 16th Jun 2012 15:15

The only handicap I have is a club handicap so that is what I use wherever I play.

The only requirement to submit scores played away from your Home Club is where you are playing in a handicap qualifier.

re: Club or Golfshake Handicap
Reply : Sat 16th Jun 2012 15:23

Thanks for the reply james.

So how come Golfsahake handicap is said to be valid on any course?

I put in every card as I travel all over the world for my job and haven't got a home club so am relying on the golfshake for an official handicap.

re: Club or Golfshake Handicap
Reply : Sat 16th Jun 2012 15:43

Paul, it is not an official handicap as those can only be obtained by being a member of a recognised golf club where handicaps are based on set rules and regulations which are not applied when playing friendly golf.

A golfshake handicap is from general play at many different courses and there are some who would argue that the handicap produced is more genuine. I doubt for instance that golfshake scores are played from the plates as they are in my club.

Only you will know whether or not your stated handicap is genuine or not.

re: Club or Golfshake Handicap
Reply : Thu 20th Sep 2012 19:27

I am ok as i am same at both(well to the full stroke anyway) but when ever i play and complete a course i will enter it on there

re: Club or Golfshake Handicap
Reply : Fri 21st Sep 2012 08:20

I run a society at work. We use golfshake to maintain our handicaps through matches played in society rounds. Those of us who have club handicaps have to declare them and play of the lower of the 2 when we play as a society.

Can get a bit confusing but it works for us and is generally accepted as being fair from those in the society.

As JP said, the only real official handicap can be the one obtained through a club. We often play off yellow tees in the society which is generally reflected in our handicaps as these are often lower than our club handicaps.

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