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Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??

Posted by: user127343 | Fri 20th Apr 2012 22:31 | Last Reply

Was any of you watching the Texas Open on Sky tonight. One of the players had a ball completely plugged in the face of a bunker. Prior to declaring it unplayable he scraped away some of the sand from around the ball with his finger. Then he replaced the sand by hand and then declared it unplayable and dropped it correctly in the bunker.

I thought he incurred a penalty by touching the sand around the ball then covering it again. I also thought that one does not have to identify a ball in a hazard. I`m obviously wrong as he was just given a 1 shot penalty for the drop. Has anyone else got any opinions on this???

regards, Michael.

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
user202037 [FORUM MODERATOR]
Reply : Fri 20th Apr 2012 23:35

New Rules, introduced 2008, removed the exemption from penalty for playing a wrong ball in a hazard under R15-3.

So in this instance the player complied with Rule 12-2 and identified the ball as his and proceeded.


Last edit : Fri 20th Apr 2012 23:37
re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 07:39

On the subject of rulings perhaps someone could help me with this one. If you do an absolutely appalling teeshot and it lands on the fringe of the previous hole's green about 20 yards away is it a free drop off the green area no nearer the pin? Or is that just for the green itself?

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 12:13

I suppose it depends on 'fringe'. Certain courses do have a fringe where putting is not really a feasible option whereas others have a fringe where putting is the most feasible option. I would have thought if your ball came to rest on the latter you should take your drop away from that. This is my interpretation though. If you would prefer to play it from the fringe (I say this as couple of holes at MoorAllerton have 30yd fringes) then you would be entitled to do.

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 13:28

The fringe is definitely puttable and you wouldn't want to take a divot out of it. The ball was about 6 inches away from the putting surface. My playing partner and I decided that the sensible course of action would be to treat it as if it was on the putting surface and take the drop.

I imagine the green keepers would have been furious if an iron had been taken from there.


How did you get on at Moortown yesterday Patrick - get wet? 

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 16:36

Hi Judy, my reply wqs geared to what the general state of the area would be like if you'd taken a shot, so I think you did the right thing (and the greenkeeper and members alike would be in agreement I'm sure.

 Yesterday was ok. The umberella was up for only 10 mins. The course was in good nick though I feel they've detracted from the course chopping too many trees down, especially on the  6th & 7th which would have been even more cracking if they were still tree lined. Still, can't argue for nil cost to us.

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 19:08

Is a wrong green classed as GUR? I remember a pro event about 10 years ago and it may have been in the US. A player landed on a wrong green and he didnt take a drop. He took his shot from the green and pulled a divot out of the green the size of an odour eater. Dont think the greenkeeper would be too happy.

Dave CAC handed Geordie.

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Mon 23rd Apr 2012 19:36

The rules state that you have to take a drop if you land on the wrong green. If someone takes a shot off the surface of the wrong green then it is a 2 shot penalty in stroke play and loss of hole in matchplay.

My query was what happens if it is in the manicured fringe just off the surface. Maybe the rules have changed since you saw that 10 years ago.

Patrick - I think the 6th is definitely easier from the back tees now there are fewer trees but the 7th is much more difficult with the new hazards - especially the ditch on the left which seems to suck your ball in. The area where the trees have been cleared will be covered in heather so that will make things a bit more tricky.

Glad you didn't get wet. I got drenched at the end of my round. Won though and pulled my handicap slightly.

re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Tue 24th Apr 2012 01:42

Not really sure on this one.

I count the fringe as a part of the green.  Therefore I don't walk my trolley on the fringe of a green or stand my bag on the fringe.

So if you count the fringe as a part of the green then I say take a free drop not nearer the hole.


re: Texas Open -Bunker incident ruling??
Reply : Tue 24th Apr 2012 19:51

The following decision will help. Although the title refers to dropping on the fringe/apron, the answer implies that  the committee may make a Local Rule making relief from the fringe compulsory.

33-8/33 Local Rule Prohibiting Dropping on Apron When Ball on Wrong Putting Green

Q.Balls from the 13th tee frequently come to rest on the 15th green, and the point of nearest relief under Rule 25-3 is the closely mown apron of the green. Much damage is being caused to this apron. May the Committee make a Local Rule requiring that a ball be dropped not only clear of the putting surface but also clear of the apron of this green?

A.Yes. The following wording for a Local Rule is suggested:

"For the purpose of Rule 25-3, the putting green of the 15th hole includes the apron surrounding the green."

 If this local rule is not in force, then the ball must be played as it lies. 2sp for not doing so. 

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