Free Online Golf Handicap Service

- Get a golf handicap online in minutes

- Fast, free and easy to use; calculates an accurate up to date golf handicap

- Track your scores online; analyse your game with in-depth reports

- Receive a golf handicap certificate online & in a printable format

- Know your exact handicap, track online for FREE

Our golf score tracking and handicapping service enables you to track your rounds, analyse your game and get a golf handicap for free.

The Standard service is completely free of charge and takes just minutes to set up. By setting up a free unlimited Standard Account you can start adding your rounds and tracking your golf handicap and scores today. View our Services.
Don't get thrown off course prove your Handicap! Become a Platinum Account Member and receive all the benefits of Premium Membership plus a credit card sized handicap card that you can carry with you at all times! Find out how we calculate our golf handicap.

Golf Handicap Features: Online Handicap , Certificate, Offline Card

Free online golf handicap

Get a recognised golf handicap online, and track your scores by adding your golf rounds onto Simply enter three 18 hole rounds and we will calculate your handicap for you. As well as the online version of your handicap, you will also get access to a printable handicap certificate that is recognised at courses worldwide, keep adding your rounds to Golfshake to keep your handicap up to date.

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PDF handicap certificate

The handicap certificate is recognised at courses all over the world and is in a ready to print format which means you can take it to the course as proof of your handicap. It documents your last 15 rounds so you can prove your handicap over a long period of time.

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Handicap card service

With the handicap card service you get a credit card sized handicap card that can fit in your wallet and is recognised at courses all over the world. You are allowed up to four cards a year, so you can request a new one if your handicap changes. To find out more about our handicap card service, please look at our Platinum account.

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Group/society handicaps

Track the handicaps of the members of your group or society, quickly and easily. Just add the scores from your society days onto Golfshake and we will work out all the handicap adjustments for you.

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Handicap and Score Tracking is the leading online golf score tracking and handicap service.

The key features of our Score Tracker Service are detailed below.

  • Quick & easy to use online service
  • Recognised handicap certificate (UK and USGA formats)
  • Add 3 rounds and calculate your up to date handicap
  • Weekly handicap performance reports
  • A range of in-depth reports and analysis
  • Track performance over time with Career stats
  • Compare rounds & stats with friends
  • Create groups and private leaderboards with friends
  • Keep up to date with your buddies: Track their rounds on your daily newsfeed!
  • Join our site wide virtual leaderboard

More information on the score tracker.

For informaton on the online golf handicap click here.

Member Feedback

Thank you for your welcome and may i say what a good site this is for everyone involved in golf.
Phil - Oct 2009

Great site! - Super handy, super slick - nice one
Paul - Oct 2009

Just want to send a quick and heartfelt thank you for the welcome you just sent me...
what an amazing site you have here!!! i will definitely get my golfing buddies to check out your site and will definitely post our scores, handicaps, etc... here on your website...  you and your team are doing a great job!!! thanks so much!
Raul - Sep 2009

Firstly, I would like to say how much I am enjoying your website.  As a recently new member, I think is very helpful and will allow me to find parts of my game that need improving by using the advance stats etc. Excellent.
Steven - Sep 2009

Can I thank you again for your help.  I think the website is brilliant and will be upgrading my membership when I have gathered more statistics on my rounds.
Peter - Sep 2009

I really like the website and find it very useful to track my scores. Keep up the good work.
Peter - Aug 2009

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