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By: Adam Smith | Wed 01 Jun 2011 | Comments

Plaser is the most precise golf swing training aid on the market today and already used by European Tour players on the circuit.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced professional, getting your golf swing plane right makes all the difference to the way you play.

Until now, no training product for personal use has been able to correct the swing plane simply and effectively. This has sparked the research, development and launch of Plaser.

It can be used virtually anywhere and brings immediately improved ball striking for golfers of any age or ability.

What is it?

A unique, patented practice club, Plaser uses two lasers – one mounted in the grip and the other in the hosel – to provide instant feedback on your swing plane. It shows you how the correct swing plane should feel and trains the body to repeat that swing consistently.

“It enhances the mechanical, psychological and physical aspect of golf,” said Co-inventor and PGA Professional Jon Farmer.

“The result is a more accurate, efficient and powerful swing that can be easily transferred on to the course.”

“In the future it can be a self-taught training aid enabling the golfer to correct their own swing and make them realise where they need to improve.”

How it works.

Using the Plaser 5 iron instead of a conventional club, the player adopts his or her natural set up position above the Plaser swing plane track which can be placed on the floor, inside or outdoors.

As you draw the club backwards from the address position, the two laser beams track your swing plane progress along the plane track. Then, moving through your swing you simply have to keep the lasers’ green dot between the track’s two lines and your game is already improving.

If you practice this regularly and it will become a learned motor skill. The unique Plaser golf club will train your body and mind to improve your swing for much greater accuracy and consistency. This will soon have a noticeable effect on how you strike the ball and to your performance on the golf course, whatever height or age you are and at whatever standard you play.

Plaser helps to position your body correctly at every point of the swing and improve your balance and posture. Ensuring the correct position throughout the swing from addressing the ball, halfway back, at the top of the backswing, halfway down and to the point of impact, no other product comes close the ease and simplicity of how Plaser helps to improve the straightness and distance you achieve.

Simon Wakefield, European Tour Professional who uses Plaser said:

“It can be used by any golfer. It visually shows how you can consistently hit better shots. My fellow Professionals absolutely love this andI would recommend Plaser to every golfer.”

What do you get?

Available now in right or left handed versions, Plaser costs just £149.99 direct from the website

The Plaser pack comes with everything you need to start improving your golf swing. This includes a revolutionary patented Plaser 5 iron complete with a club head cover and charger, the Plaser swing plane track and a comprehensive instructional DVD, featuring PGA professional Jon Farmer himself.

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I have tested this product myself and the way the lasers’ work is something you need to see for yourself. The way it makes you keep on the correct swing plane is a simple but sure fire way making the right swing down the line and improving your ball striking at the same time.

Don’t take my word for it though, visit to get one yourself and let us at Golfshake know what you think.


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